Making game more fun

I have only played Jw:Tg for 3 hours these past 2 days, it seems im growing bored without a CoT

Ideas to make the game more fun for me

Find yourself a long time goal that you want to achieve, like “have every VIP or legendary tournament at level 40” or “max paddocks”. If this takes too long for you you are playing the wrong game.


I pick a hybrid I want to make and concentrate on getting that completed. Trying to do that while responding to what is happening week by week is a juggling act but it helps me think of long-term goals.

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Reach level 99
Imo the most challenging thing in the game are the infinity battles

Thanks for the suggestions

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Perhaps feed and evolve all your creatures (even the ones that are pretty weak in endgame.) You’ll be better prepared when the next CoT or any event pops up!