Making JWA fun again for myself


I’m tired of fighting the same 4 dinos, with the same 4 dinos. Stegodeus is boring. Diloranosaurus is a predictable pest. Indoraptor is such a rng nightmare…

My battles have become ridiculously robotic, dull, and tragically - no fun. So - I am putting in the B squad, or even the D squad. I’m losing down to where people don’t have the same dang 8 dinos on their team. Not to farm DNA, but to play with the dinosaurs of the game.

Adios, stegod. Later, indoraptor. Hello, suchotater. Good to see you again, velociraptor. Giraffititan! It’s been a while - how’ve you been? Let’s have some fun people! Whoop whoop!!


This is the problem with being pitted against other people based on trophy level. Who your pitted against should be based on the level of each teams highest dinosaur. This way I could play my level 21’s against other players with level 21’s and then put together a team of level 12’s and be pitted against other teams of level 12’s.

I want to play these other dinos but they are too small now for my main team and if I make a team of level 12’s, I’ll be going up against a team of level 18-22’s and get wiped off the map… no fun. Although I just haven’t been barely battling at all because of being stuck having to play my same 8 highest to get incubators, I just go out and to the strike towers for instant incubators.


I droped arena on porpose to have fun with my lovely counter atack dinos and the game become so much fun


I’ve been tempted to do this myself! I kept clinging onto Sorna Marshes for T-Rex DNA, but so far I’ve had about 30 DNA, and I’m bored stiff of seeing Stegodeus, Stegoceratops and Indominus Rex.


Going into stuck record mode again here but… each Arena should have a dinosaur level bracket so that you can only use dinosaurs of a given level section in each one. That would be the best way to balance things out.