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Making strong hybrids

I am new to the forum so forgive me if this has already been discussed. I notice that when people are making hybrids their stats are random. I’ve seen different postings of new hybrids with different stats. So my question is, does it matter what the stats on the base dinosaurs are or is it strictly random?

Base stats per level remain the same. Boosts alter speed, health; and attack stats. This is why stats can vary between the same creature at the same level. Welcome to the forums!

Hi, RavenX, and welcome! As bates5919 explained, players can use “boosts” to tweak a creature’s health, attack capability, and speed in various combinations. Just to clarify, these can be added to any creature, hybrid or “real” – I’ve had the misfortune of running into a T-Rex with a speed over 140, but I can’t complain (too much) because most of my team is at least slightly boosted. Every now & then you can get boosts via the “strike towers” that appear randomly on the map – you’ll know which one because it’ll display the triangular icon for the particular type of boost that can be won. More rarely, boosts go on sale (usually in blocks of 25 or more at a time), but the best way to earn them is to compete in daily battles and keep battling until you’ve made 10 kills; the resulting “battle incubator” always gives a few of each of the 3 types of boost.