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Making the Gorgotrebax raid un-infuriating without nerfing it

Warning for long rants. You can skip to the creature rework images and ignore the rest. TLDR being rework them with abilities that make the Gorgotrebax raid less random and more consistent.

The Gorgotrebax raid is terribly designed. It is extremely random - you can play everything perfectly and still lose because the minions buffed at the worst possible time or the boss crit. AND, the best option to mitigate this randomness is … a Legendary? Skoolasaurus is great and all but seriously, what gives, Ludia?

I would suggest these creature reworks to give these supposedly raid creatures (but more like bench creatures) some use and to make the Gorgotrebax raid not a complete nightmare (I still can’t believe the Ceramagnus raid got nerfed but not this. Did someone just trip and fall and land on the HP nerf button and you guys just left it in?).


Overshadowed by Tuoramoloch and Tenontorex in every way that counts - Tuoramoloch has the best speed control in the game and Tenontorex is just stupidly versatile.


Minor attack buff from 1500 to 1600 - it needs some edge over Tuoramoloch or even Bajatonodon. Seeing as it’s an exclusive and has a 1.5x multiplier at best, it could probably get buffed even more, but I get the impression Ludia overvalues speed or distraction in their balancing algorithm.

Giving Diloracheirus Group Accelerate Cunning Strike reflects its ancestry. It would not affect the raid’s difficulty much seeing as 10% is quite marginal unless stacked - and the beginning of the raid is where speed matters most. (142 speed Entelodon? Not good enough, how about a 50% speed increase on top of that! Said nobody ever.)

Group Ferocity is horrific on the minions because it cleanses damage and crit reduction on top of the damage increase. In this context Group Cunning attacks are meant to be a better choice than Tip The Scales. And honestly, for something that’s meant to be exclusive Diloracheirus needs the help.


Also overshadowed by the other sauropods and by its easier to make hybrid parent which just happens to have a better kit for this raid. And it’s exclusive - considering sanctuary tools are the most valuable thing in the game it really isn’t worth it.


Vulnerability Strike over Resilient Strike. It’s a tragedy that Skoonasaurus has basically nothing from its Sonorasaurus parent other than Resilient Strike. Such an interesting kit gone down the drain.

Group Cunning Impact over Group Decelerating Rampage. We don’t need another group decelerating exclusive sauropod - make use of its cunning ancestry. Same reasoning for its use as Diloracheirus.

Group Taunting Shields over Instant Invincibility Taunt. More consistent shields like its hybrid parent and differentiates it from the other sauropods who shield less frequently.

Medium Resilient Counter makes the first turn of the raid manageable by removing the minions’ speed increase. Basically it gets to distract the minions and remove their speed increase at the same time (take that, Tip The Scales!).

Its resistances got nerfed a bit but nothing that would change the raid - honestly the default resistances would work fine.

For the record I made this topic after losing to RNG shenanigans for an hour. I sound snippy. Blame the shenanigans.


Those are actually pretty decent suggestions (though I’d rather Skoonasaurus keep it’s Group Decelerating Rampage instead of the Group Distraction and the counter-attack tbh), but at the same time, I don’t have an issue with most of the Gorgotrebex raid as it is.

The Minions can do whatever they want as far as Rounds 2-4 go because it, by and large, it won’t really matter (though I would advise the Skoolasaurus to used Tip the Scales instead of Group Distraction on Turn 2 of those rounds if the Entelodon minion used Group Takedown).

The real issue is that Revenge mechanic can’t be reliably trusted to activate only once per Round like it should, and it usually ruins the entire raid if it uses the Revenge twice.


I’m always up for buffs to creatures that need them.

as for the trebax raid now, my group has pretty good success with it. Tuoar, Mortem, Gemini, and dio with dio unboosted (any attack boosts could end up killing the doedic minion early)

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Wow, I just looked back at this and it is too ranty. My bad. This raid isn’t as forgiving as the other apex raids. Even the reliable strats don’t hold up if you or the boss crits too much, the minions act out, or you eat a 7.5k unblockable attack in the face at the end.

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I’d settle for them having a shield minion that actually shields more than once in 5 tries on turn 1.

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Precicely why dio isnt boosted. It gets hit with that resil strike and crits a counter, revenge activates too early.

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I can understand that though. I remember the first time me and my teammates got to round 4 against Gorgo, and we would’ve won had it not been for a giant crit on the Revenge Nullifying Rampage. All of us got one-shotted at full health.

I was so pissed I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I understand the moody rant.