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Making the hadrosaurs relevant in PvP again: poll

While most of the raid changes blend quite well into the arena, the “Hadrosaurs” (including Diloranosaurus and Diloracheirus) are pretty bad now, mostly because of 2 moves that are mostly useless in PvP but very useful in raids.

The one exception to this rule is Tenontorex, which actually finds Lesser Group Heal very useful.

All that needs to be done to change this is to come up with a new type of move.

Supportive Moves. Moves that act one way in the single-player and another in raids. We already have moves that act differently based on the situation (Revenge moves) and we know that the game knows when we are in a raid as opposed to the arena because of the change in the recent minor update that makes the Taunt symbol appear only in raids.
So it seems like this should be possible.

The only moves we have to replace are LGH and GEH on all the Hadrosaurs apart from Tenontorex (creatures like Grypolyth are fine with GEH as it is now). So I propose the following moves replace them:

  1. Supportive Stunning Rampage
    In PvP: Deal 2x damage, 75% chance to stun opponent for 1 turn. Delay-1, Cooldown-2.
    In raids: (Insert Greater Emergency Heal description)

  2. Supportive Superiority Impact
    In PvP: Cleanse Distraction, Deal 1.5x damage as precise damage. -50% opponent speed for 1 turn. Delay-0, Cooldown-1.
    In raids: (Insert Lesser Group Heal description)

  • I support this suggestion
  • I do not
  • Neutral
  • I support the general suggestion but would change the details

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If it’s at all possible to implement split abilities, I absolutely support this. It’d be an excellent way for the healers to do some serious damage in the PVP, and even give a lot of the creatures with the problematic shield abilities more, much needed counters, without having to resort to nerfing them.

How about Dilorach and dilorano they go back to their old kits?

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That would make them unusable in raids though. Dilorach needs to always have a Cunning move available too, otherwise other people’s strategies will be thrown under the bus. The change I suggested combined with a few other tweaks would make Dilorach viable in the arena as well as raids, you can expect to have the details soon.

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