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Making the odds of breeding higher when getting a breeding duty

So a lot of people are saying they have bad luck with breeding and are struggling to get the dragon they want or the DUP of a dragon they need,so I thought about something which is,when we get a breeding duty,( breed a stormcutter and a deadly nadder for example),the odds of getting a good dragon will be higher when breeding these two species together.when you get a duty breed a skrill and rumblehorn,the odds become higher when breeding those two species and so on.Or we can get a special period where the odds of getting hybrids, 4* or 5* dragons are higher like in the ridgesnipper homecoming where we got the hybrid carousal or these are just ideas and hopefully, they will be taken into consideration and why not even added.


I like he idea of a kind of ‘event’ where breeding odds for 4* or 5* are increased. Not sure about Valka’s duty, I never need the offspring of the dragons she suggests - I keep re-rolling that duty…


I like this idea. At the moment the breeding duty is just a waste of time. Nothing good ever comes of it. I keep a 2star of the dragons this duty calls for. Just so I can get it over as quickly as possible and get my key

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Nice idea @itami, though in action it won’t be too much of a difference. Got no hybrid at all during the hybrid carousel period.


I guess it really depends on what ‘higher’ entails.

Because they could be totally on board with making it higher, then do a .5% increase, which, in all technicality, is higher, and as @Featherwing said it wouldn’t really make much of a difference.

Personally I doubt this will come to fruition. 5* are highest tier right now, and if they made it easier to obtain to the point where everyone were able to easily achieve not only getting them but maxing them, it would make the game pretty boring rather quickly. (Yeah you can spend money/runes, but that’s not something everyone is willing to do, so it’s a fairly safe compromise)

They have to extend the longevity of the game somehow while they work on things like Arena and such.

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Any mod here for reading ?

Yeah… That is right.

Also @itami; regarding the duties; some of the species not everyone uses, so if Valka came to ask for them, we’d have to reroll her whenever those species came up. While I want her to ask for more species as currently it’s only 4 pairings she requests, so that we can have the chance to breed a species and get rewarded for it more often than when we’re using the few she suggests, the fact she might ask for something we can’t breed for puts a stopper in the endeavor.

Perhaps she should be able to see which dragons we got and suggest from there, also increase chances for the duration of the duty?

I have been tirelessly breeding for more than 3 months to get The Tempestuous Scalestorm and mostly get the Tripfire. I have tried speeding the breeding up to increase my chances but still nothing. With speeding up I only got 5 Tripfire’s and 1 Groomleer.
I have no idea what to do to get this dragon breed and we are stuck on 3 stars.
Any suggestions?

Unfortunately breeding is a numbers game - you just have to keep trying. Some people have more luck than others it seems

When you say numbers games? What are you referring too?

It is all about the number of times you breed. There is an average number of tries it should take for each probability, but it is only an average so can take more, I just meant you have to keep going until it happens.