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Making Tuoramoloch better for Arena

What do yall think of it?


I’m liking swap in stun. Touramoloch is already great in raids, so it doesn’t need to be better there. So having a swap-in ability would directly improve it’s effectiveness in arena without affecting raids. Then it could swap into a dino, stun it, and immediately get a speed advantage with Group Acceleration or Group Superiority. I’m not sure if it needs much help otherwise. Heals can still be useful in arena, especially Emergency heals. They’re just annoying to deal with for both the user and the opponent.


Thats why I didn’t change the heal, just the acceleration. I know the heals are good, I’m planning on putting him in my team once this weekend hits.

I think he just needs a counter attack

It is already the strongest pve creature .
No buff in any damage/heal or counter attack are needed.

I also don’t think the acceleration needs to change either. Group Acceleration is already the reason that Toura is so good in raids, and its even good in arena. It’s an instant move that makes you practically guaranteed to outspeed your opponent AND it does damage. It doesn’t need to be better.

The counter I could be fine either way. I don’t think Toura needs anything stronger then a medium strength counter. The slow is fine, I guess, but it has so many speed control options already.

Touramoloch’s problem is both its attacks are strikes and extremely broken in their own right. It cant have Group Superiority Impact since that takes away its basic move. Group Accel cannot be an Impact since it would be extremely broken in arena and also make it a monster raider on top of being a strong support for Apex raids.

i like the changes though. Having Medium Resil Counter or Precise Counter would be nice. Group Stun Accel will be too OP especially if it doesnt kill the minion.

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However, it is only a 335 chance to stun. That way, the main motivations is to speed up, not to stun. However, this allows more of the Stygimoloch side to come out, and adds a bit of a chance to stun, however, it would be rare to stun.

Not gonna lie, but 335 chance to stun is really OP, what is that? Stun for 3-4 turns? :laughing: I’m just joking, but you’ve got to take into account that there used to be a stun move in this game that did 10%, that was quickly removed because it was annoying whenever your opponent landed it. I know you mean 33%, but when someone lands something on you that are lower odds than 50% it can be really annoying. I don’t use tuoramoloch, but I like the idea to make it better(including every other unique) although some creatures are meant for raids. However if nothing comes for tuoramoloch, I’m just suggesting now that Tenontorex and Phorusaura are both good in Mortem raids along with the PVP arena. However when I’m doing proper strategies for Hadros, I often use tuoramoloch. So I understand the pain to level up something for raids, only for it to be almost useless in pvp, the main thing you want all your creatures for. I guess Ludia just wants to split these creatures either to raids or PVP, who knows what is to come for Tuoramoloch.

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