Making uniques Viable in raids as well as arena

I know ludia never listens but here are some suggestions that can make creatures viable in raids and arena, But Still there are few uniques which are only viable in arena
If any of them seems OP then you can share your thoughts below;

NOTE : replace “on revenge” with “in raids” ; that means first one will work in arena and second one in raids.

I thought that cleansing swoop is trash because all negative effects are removed when we swap, instead of this I have given it fierce rampage and lethal swoop with 0 delay…

I had thought a lot before doing thor’s rework; So I changed it’s whole family kit (except Tarbo because I think it’s Ok)

I know a lot of people will stop using it because of the removal of instant charge so I have given minor counter attack to it and it’s parents

(group decelerating shield advantage attack 1x whereas decelerating shield advantage attack 2x)