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Making up for your mistake

Due to Ludia practically breaking the game in it’s entirety, allowing for almost no gameplay by those who are affected, I have now lost two Indominus.

Not only is it bad enough, that I literally can’t battle in the tournament, because the game continually crashes during the battles, but on the very rare occurrence that you do complete a successful battle in the tournament, the game will erase all trophies you earned during that battle after you close the game. However, it will show that the dinosaurs you used in the battle, that you didn’t even earn trophies for, are now on cool down. So, you can’t battle in the tournament for the majority of the time, and when you do get to battle, the game deletes your trophies but still uses your dinos, so you can’t continue to battle to try and gain trophies.

So, not only is there no chance that I can stay in dominator league to win the indominus, but much like how the game deletes your trophies if you win, it also deletes your rewards. This caused me to lose an Indominus-Rex pack that I won from the tournament wheel in it’s entirety. After closing the game, it deleted not only the Indomus-Rex, but also the bucks, and VIP points I earned. Essentially, I have been robbed of two separate Indomus-Rex’s because the game is broken.

So I email Ludia, trying to figure out if I could possibly get the pack gifted to me, so that I at least wouldn’t have been robbed of both Indominus-Rexs that I earned. And what do I hear back? That I need over 2 GB of internal storage to run the game smoothly. Mind you, I have 40 GB of internal storage, and I have never had any trouble running this game before this new update. After explaining that it’s not my device that is struggling, but rather the game that is broken, I have heard nothing back.

Ludia, this is your fault. Your mistake. And yet, you are making the players pay for your short-comings? And when I reach out to you, trying to get refunded for the rewards that you stole from me, you ignore me?

I expect that all the players who have been affected, by your mistake, will be gifted the rewards you stole from them? In my case, not only the Indominus-Rex pack from winning the tournament, but also the Indominus-Rex pack I won from the prize wheel, along with the hundreds of DNA, dozens of bucks, VIP points, etc…

It is absolutely unacceptable, that we as the players, have to suffer from your mistake, and then you ignore us when we reach out to.


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Edit out the startup splash screen that shows your support Key asap.


I mean, It’s Ludia, Of course they would not respond


Welcome to our party.

We have a open buffet back over here. Please don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself.

Quick tip: Canepés back there are just fine. :ok_hand:


Yep, 10 star party over there full of delicious bug and creamy crashes
Yeah really I hope they give us the community event and the pack


I have surfed around the other forums and threads all over the net and saw that is not some everyday mistake as we all can move on without bother. If there is a chance them to unistall that update out of our games, I think this would be the best option at this point. There is no reason to poke a beached whale with a stick that eventually causes nothing but an huge explosion. So it is better to assemble a team and carry it out into disposal quickly before any collateral damage occurs.

Rants are getting louder, a great deal of uninstalls or unsubscriptions are appearing on the horizon, unless some revolutionary improvements happen soon. Just sayin’ what I saw. :man_shrugging:


Estou com o mesmo problema, enviei e mail também e não me responderam…
Perdi a Indominus

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Translated from Portuguese

I have the same problem, I sent e-mail too and they didn’t answer me…
I lost to Indominus

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This is surely the only problem here, right Jason?:joy::joy:


:joy::joy: I was thinking the same lol


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Yeah i lost a ton of bucks and dna and also 10k LP when i bought the pack but it didnt save the progress and i got no vip creature…


There has to be a huge compensation for these glitches Ive lost Dino’s DNA bucks etc. I know they are working there hardest to fix this glitch and I appreciate that but after this is over something need to be done