Making use of the Snakes 🐍

This is my team for the last couple days and today and working with the snakes. I plan to bring up Titanoboa to 20 after next week with the monthly arena reward to have all 4 snakes to team level. I have 3 now. These are fun to play. I put them in the novelty category for when your not serious about winning but I do win some.

My Team 20200427
Each Snake has a unique counter from each other to keep my opponents on their toes else not thinking can have its consequences.

  • All are immune to distraction but here are the other differences:

  • Rare Titanoboa Gen2 - ON ESCAPE DUST CLOUD - Gain 50% damage 2 turns and invisible 1 turn.

  • Epic Titanoboa - ON ESCAPE RAMPAGE - 2X attack when opponent leaves.

  • Legendary Dilophoboa - VENOMOUS COUNTER - Target pinned & damage reduces 50%

  • Legendary Dilophoboa - ON ESCAPE EVASIVE STRIKE - gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for one turn + attack 1X.

  • Unique Spinoconstrictor - WOUNDING COUNTER - Targe receives 33% damage over time 1 turn

  • Unique Spinoconstrictor - ON ESCAPE EVASIVE STRIKE - gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for one turn + attack 1X.


I have spinoconstrictor at team level and she is integral to my team. I love the long pause when she comes out. I can almost here the “What the hell is that?!?” on the other end


constrictor is a favorite on my team. she is either my best opener or my worst. it really depends on what my opponent opens with.

And titanoboa is a favorite in tournaments. so many people forget if you run you get a rampage to the face. then their next creature can also get a rampage to the face because of manual swaps.

I’ve never used her as an opener. To afraid to be matched with something immune

I haven’t used the constrictor as an opener because at my level, the main opener if my opponents have them is generally Indominus Rex so I usually start with something else.

I use Constrictor too. It’s not team level yet, and the low HP does hurt somewhat, but I usually use her against mega Thors or to swap in and take a hit to kill something off with the DoT counter


For me, there’s a mix of indo g2 openers then immune openers such as maxima and erlidom. it’s a gamble, but it’s one i’m willing to try so i can use my favorite creature.

Spinocon comes in

Me who opens with Thor: I’m about to ruin this whole man’s career

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thor is more of a prediction win. if you predict the sidestep and go IC and the stun lands thor wins. otherwise. Sidestep counter OP.

Lol but even then your gonna do

A lot of damage even if you don’t predict right.


Plus you’lol get a free turn without getting bleed.