Malaysia recruiting 2 warriors

Hi all, i am Seadragon from Malaysia, our alliance currently ranked 14 this week, we are looking forward to recruite 2 warriors. We are international Alliance with fun and friendly members all over the world.
We have well organised raid system and offering 4 level 20 sanctuaries.
We reach tier 9 or 10 consistantly every month and 10/10 weekly mission. Many extra activities including internal tournament held from time to time.
We looking for new members who are active in weekly tournament with minimum average 1000 past tournament points and minimum 5500 trophies to fill up the last 2 spots.

Also, we have a 2nd Alliance as division 2 for casual players, currently only 1/3 filled up. we welcome discussion to merge for betterment or join us as fresh members. We offer opportunity to climb to division 1 every month for players here. Many other benefits offered including high level month end incubator, lvl 20 sanctuary etc.

Please message me in discord for further discussion
Discord id: Seadragon#0880

Thank you