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Male and Female Dinosaurs


Ludia, do you think it’s a good idea to add male and female dinosaurs in a future update for this game? Who agrees with me on this?

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The movies disagree.


Movies: Disagree.


Canonically speaking all the dinosaurs are female except for the Indoraptor. There’s also the possibility the “Big One” from JP1 is male, but that hasn’t been confirmed to my knowledge.


No “The Big One” is female. The pack was a matriarch

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What about the t rex couple in jp2? One guy wanted to hunt the male t rex


Actually if I’m not mistaken, they kept both males and females in one of the islands (the JP2 island, Sorna I think) for breeding and just denied the embryos the capacity of becoming a male. And also, technically they can change their gender, like frogs (which makes any biologist’s head spin). So genders could be possible, but I personally wouldn’t like that. It would be too Pokémon. We already have the generation 2 variation (and many more could be created).


Sounds hawt


Funny thing, I never consider them as female, because all dinosaurs in my language are male, cause we have gramatical gender in Slovak :smile:

Only Maiasaura and Miragaia are femaled in my mind, cause they end in “a” which is a typical female ending in my language

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I don’t think movie canon is all that crucial here. They didn’t make a Tryko in the movies either and use them like pokemon in battles, so I think we have some leeway here.

Male and Female dinos would be cool but it depends what they do with it. Does having a male and female result in dna somehow? Like perhaps they could add a special “enclosure” feature where if you put a male and female in together, it produces “eggs” which could function similarly to PoGo eggs, but when hatched produce some amount of DNA.

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Even if they’ve genetically engineered them all to be female… Life, uh, finds a way.


Purple aubergines find a way



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How would we tell them apart from male & female? Would the males have their private parts hanging out? I need awnsers

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No, they are reptiles. They have a cloaca and the private parts are hidden inside that.


Canonically speaking, confirmed male Dinosaurs:

  • Jp/// quilled raptors
  • TLW Tigerstripe raptor males
  • TLW Buck Rex
  • JP/// unnamed male (buck) T-Rex
  • JP/// Spinosaurus
  • Indoraptor
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If this were to be a thing, there would need to be some sort of sexual dimorphism. If we look at birds, the male is more colorful and the female is more drab so she can better protect the eggs / nest.

The males wouldn’t have their genitalia visible because cloacas don’t exactly work that way.


Being honest, I’m in a doubt with the indoraptor; this is because (well, from the country I’m from) they traduced it to “La indoraptor”, and in Spanish “la” is a way to say “the” in a female gender


I actually didn’t know that. I guess,

(In all seriousness tho, thanks for telling me ^-^)

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Too add to the “all females except Indoraptor” part of this discussion, that only applies to the clones that didn’t change genders because of frog DNA. All clones except Indoraptor are cannonically born female. Wild dinosaurs in these movies can be, and some have been confirmed to be, born male.