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Male and Female Dinosaurs

Why would you want Male and female dinos?
They look relatively the same! What difference would that make?

Exactly, I feel like we can decide what gender can our dinos be

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Just a suggestion and, so the girl dinosaurs won’t be lonely all of the time.

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It’s a confirmed male. In the original language (English), Dr. Henry Wu refers to it as “he” and “him”.

Huh, that’s strange; I guess subbing movies is better than translating them

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I still don’t care about the gender of the dinosaurs, I just name them whatever it fits better, heads the reason why I nickname some dinos and hybrids in different ways

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In Hungarian, they translated one sentence in Jurassic World ridiculously wrong.

Instead of 50 feet long (original), the dub says 1
50 feet TALL.

Which makes me giggle all the time, cause I keep imagining a stork-like, super tall Indominus.

If I remember some animals differ in size depending on sex, perhaps it would be an aesthetic difference

And that’s why they always aim for bigger sizes as well as more teeth

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Just out of curiosity, where they say the Spinosaurio is male in Jurassic Park 3

I think, unlike the Indoraptor, it’s only said in a behind the scenes interview, that it is a male. Same as the Tiger Velociraptor males from TLW.

Oh, thanks dude

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In pterosaurs, the males have the more prominent head crests and it would be fair to assume that dinos in general followed the same convention as birds with the males having brighter colours and various designs on their body while the females have a duller, plainer appearance.

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That’s something called sexual dymorphism

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The only one that would make any real difference would be Pteranodon, where the males had the more familiar large crest.

Otherwise, I don’t see the point to adding it. Just decided for yourself what gender it is.

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Weren’t there other crested pterosaurs that differences from the crest like Tapejara or Tupandactylus

Quite possibly but the main one that everyone knows is Pterandon.