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Malusaurus Concept

There was a post about some 2.9/3.0 Suggestions earlier, and suggested the addition of Ceratosaurus and Malusaurus. So, I decided to give it a try.


Ceratosaurus would be an updated version of the Bleeder Subclass, ideally, and I think this would warrant a return to the days of Exploit Wound.

I did change up the move a bit from its original, as I actually don’t quite remember it, but I think its close enough.

The stats are based around the generic Spinosaur Build, but, again, changed a bit for Cerato.


Being what it is, I thought it was only fitting that it was a Unique instead of a Legendary.

Wounding Shock is meant to be a grossly upgraded version of Exploit Wound, and is meant to make up for Malu’s relatively low damage output on its own.

RC is there as its a descendant of Indominus G2.


Cool concept but I think that Malusaurus shouldn’t be a hybrid