Mamals are always lagging and bugging out in battles

The ice age mammals are lagging and bugging out commands during battles. If a mammal is the first opponent I can not choose an attack option and 50% of the time I can’t switch to another animal. They are always lagging, the only time they don’t lag is when I’m capturing DNA. I use a lg k20, it could just be my phone but all the other animals run smoothly.

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Those stupid milk suckers…

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Hey Bryan_Morris, could you email our support team here at so our team can gather more details? Please make sure to include your support key and device information in the email as well. Thanks!

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This has already reported numerous times on other threads since 1.7 launched. Please just acknowledge the issue and stop wasting peoples time with the support process and get on to fixing it.

e.g. Sorry @Bryan_Morris, this is a known issue with the 1.7 dino models. Sorry that its affected your experience, we are working on a fix.

For extra points you can stop featuring these dinos until you fix their models. Seriously? marsupial Lion featured and Elas in an event today - you know these models bug out, why feature them?


Hey Cas, our team is looking into the issue. However, any additional details would be helpful for our team’s investigation.

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Acknowledge the problem! there are 5+ threads on the same issue dating back to 1.7 launch.

You started by saying it might be a problem with our phones, then kinda acknowledged the issue, now you’re just trotting out the same support line.

Odd that you don’t move all these posts about a game breaking 1.7 bug to the same thread :slight_smile:

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etc etc etc.


Support and moderators will be posting whichever information the dev gives them. The forum rules will be observed at all times.

This issue was reported 21 days ago…

And nevertheless, we are doing our best to provide you with information available at the moment.

and after three weeks of responses like the posts above some of us are fed up with the total lack of any information on this.

This is a real shame. The 3d models in this game are your crowning glory. They’re beautiful. The highlight of this game, and most of the 1.7 models are completely broken. I’ve never seen them.

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Take the mammals out of the game they suck and do nothing but lag your game. In battle you can’t even pick a move. That makes a difference.

They suck… milk :crazy_face:

I fully agree. Mammals out please.