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Mammals and Armor

With 2.9 that just came out once again, we get a new armored mammalian creature, Megosticurus. A relatively good hybrid accept one thing… its armor. a pitiful 15% compared to its hybrid parent doedicurus sporting a full 50% armor. I’m starting to get frustrated with Ludia adding creatures like this and giving them purposefully bad stats like this. I understand that they want to meet the creatures in the middle but how does 50% turn to 15%? The same thing goes for Andrewtodon, 40% - 15%. This wouldn’t be a problem if the health was much higher, but it’s not, most of these creatures have about 150 more health than their lower hp hybrid parents.

The main problem with creatures like this is that there is more bad than good. in Andrewtodon’s case, it loses a lot of speed and gets no speed control at all. It tries to make up for it with a measly 15% armor, some pitiful resistances, (25% vulnerability resistance? seriously?), and literally gains an absolutely enormous 150 hp than its other parent, Andrewtodon even though glyptodon has 3900. Sure it gains a good counter-attack that can be then used with a rending takedown for huge damage… if it even survives until turn 2.

My solution is to simply buff the health, armor, or both of these fierce-resilient mammals so they fit in better with what their class is. For example: Andrewtodon should have at least 25% armor, which is a little more than half of glyptodons. Megosticurus should have at least 30%, or also have 25% since it also has shielding moves. The main thing is that these creatures fall short of what they should have. Of course, we don’t want a huge tank that can’t be killed and can dish out huge damage, but we also don’t want a creature that has a hybrid with literally 50% armor to then give the creature 15%.

Last part of my rant, the models and descriptions are extremely misleading. For example, Andrewtodons description states; “Andrewtodon’s skin is 4 inches thick and patched with metal-like scales”. You’re telling me a creature with 4 - inch thick armor has only 15% armor resistance? and Megosticurus’s model has very thick back armor and that’s also 15%. Then you look at a creature like Utahsinoraptor or Dsungia, they have 15% armor but I don’t know about you but that does not really look like 15%, Mabey 10%, or even 5.

All I ask is that the Ludia takes into consideration how a hybrid’s parent creatures would affect the hybrid, and do a better job of finding a good in-between for the hybrid creature that makes sense and would do either great or averagely good in PVP or even raids.


I completely agree with you. That said…

Players: “There are too many strong resilients in the game! Speed control is too good!”

Ludia: adds new fierce-resilients without a lot of speed control

Players: “Hey! Why no speed control?”

They could definitely have at least 25% armor though


Haha pls no, especially with meg having now a 1,400 shattering swap in. Rather not have another rhino situation. Scuto though should get some more its pretty meh right now.


Yeah I think Andrewtherium at least needs a bit more. 15% is fine for what Megistocurus is.

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I still have no idea why they decided to give meg a swap in strike. Megistherium has a swap in ferocity, but a swap in shattering strike is a bit out of no-where.

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Honestly i dont mind andrewtodon not having speed control, it has such high damage potential behind it that speed control would be too op for an epic, but it definitely needs more health and armor so it can actually survive stuff.


Yeah since Andrewtodon is the only one without any speed control, I could see it getting more armor the most.


I mostly agree, I don’t think megistocurus should be buffed tho bc it’s focused more on swap in damage

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