I know this is Jurassic World, and it’s mainly focused on dinosaurs, but will there be mammals too?
The Facebook game of Jurassic World has mammals, and honestly I think that would be pretty cool to see a mammoth fight a trex or a saber tooth tiger against a stegosaurus.


There’s no flying reptiles either. :slight_smile: Games just started and I’m sure they will add more variation in time


I think they’re actually making this game canon to the movies but it would be a spoiler why. If the were to keep it canon like I think they are, it would be a bad choice to add mammals since this would mess the whole lore up.


Technically, Dimetrodon is an early mammal, and if they’re going to add all of these amphibians, such as Diplocaulus and Koolasuchus, as well, I don’t see why they couldn’t add other extinct animals into the mix.Terror birds and gorgonopsids would be cool to see. Maybe even aquatic arenas where Dunkleosteus could battle pliosaurs and early whales, like Basilosaurus.