Mammolania created yet?

Has anyone created this unique yet? I love the legendary parent so I’m hoping this will be a mean stomping machine like it’s momma. I haven’t seen any update for the field guide so hoping someone has the beast in their collection already.

Ran out of Mammoth :joy:. If I didn’t push for 30 on mother. I could be closer


Same here. I have her at 29 and been fusing all I get from the sanctuaries. I do have almost 1900 dna sitting on her for the lvl 30 push but thinking I might use that to make this one if it’s going to be a good team player.

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It definitely looks like one of the top creatures now. It only has maybe one hard relevant counter. Boosts will make more. But it still will be fun to use

As far as I know, the only counter is entelemoth, but I haven’t done too many calculations. Maxima could also have a decent (about 30%) chance of winning and gemini could probably deal with it. Indo gen 2 has a 20% chance of winning. That’s all I got so far when it comes to creatures that CAN beat it

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I went ahead and created it. My lvl 30 mother will have to wait a little longer.


Yikes it looks sooo ya know

Looks like it has a turtle sitting on it’s back.


Lol to put it kindly

It looks like mammoterium and the turtle accidentally went thru the teleporters from the fly


Some mornings I feel like it looks too. But if it can open a big can of you know what it can look like an ugly mud fence as long as it takes out anything in it’s way. With 100 boosts to assist of course. :rofl:

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Lol yup ludia just can’t learn from ther mistakes and keep creating un balanced creatures

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It’s like they forgot got the definitions of the words fair and balanced


They didn’t forget, they just never use them in the same sentence.


That’s true for example

It fair to have this cause it has gorgo, sarcoxis, and Barry as counters so of course it can and is allowed to destroy the rest of the dinosaurs in the game

But cause bleed go buffed by 1% we needed to nerf monolorhino, and thyla for balance reasons


This is my mammolania and she’s demanding I take her outside now.20200319_005241


Aww adorable, cleansed my eyes from the previous creature’s monstrosity

You are right gemini is another true counter of this beast. I did tge math.

How did you get enough turtle ?