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Mammolania or Ardentismaxima

I’ve just unlocked Mammolania, should I replace it with level 21 unboosted Maxima, huh?

Maxima is better

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Mammolania is generally better for PvP, although if you don’t have a lot of boosts and you’re around Aviary Maxima can take on higher level Thors and come out on top or set up your next creature better than Lania can to some extent.


Thanks for suggestions…

lania is way better in pvp imo but keep leveling up maxima cuz it’s still really useful in raids


i agree, lania is way better. my lania eats lvl 30 max. and if speedy enough can kill most chompers

Mammolania is by far the better creature in PvP. Maxima is way better in raids. It just depends on your priorities, but as far as your PvP team? Go Mammolania.

Thanks again…