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Mammolania or Entelolania

I have Mammotherium Level 19 and Entelomoth level 19 but I don’t know which to go after so I like to hear what you guys suggest.

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they are around equal

That’s a hard choice, especially since they are both powerful Resilients. Entelolania has more damage but is less tanky and slower than Mammolania. Mammolania is tankier and has more resistances, but it has less damage. It honestly depends on what you are facing up against, and what your composition is. So if you can send us a picture of your team.

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Mammolania although Entelolania got amped up hard.

If I had to start from scratch I would probably go for entelolania as the components are easier to dart. Elasmotherium is for some reason tricky for me.

at the same level with equal amount of boosts i would go for the nuclear turtle to be honest but the are both simalir just the turtle when completely cranked will do more damamge

Both, both are Amazing! Mammolania is good at tanking damage and slowing, and Entelolania is also pretty good at tanking damage while also having a HUGE Damage Output with Persistent Ferocious Strike and Devastation! Though Entelolania does have pretty low health which makes in pretty vulnerable to Fierce creatures with High Damage, it’s still great, in the last Tournament that allowed Uniques, Entelolania was AMAZING at dealing with Geminititans! and Mammolania is pretty good at dealing with most Fierce Creatures, with it’s high health, and Mammolania is great at dealing with Swap-in Stunners with it’s Stun Immunity!

I just checked on the jwa toolbox the turtle can be stunned

Yes, and that’s the main reason I still prefer Mammolania

Screenshot_20210430-074241_JW Alive

This is my team

Personally I’d reccomend mamolania. Hes better to deal with chompers. Or you could use both

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Alright, so I assume you are in either Lockwood estate or the Aviary from your team composition. I would personally recommend Mammolnia since there are a lot more swap-in-stun dinosaurs in there. You can either replace it with Indoraptor or Utarinex.

I’d replace it with erlidom

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Screenshot_20210520-124020_JW Alive

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I have chosen Mammolania :grin:

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