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Mammolania or Entelolania?

Right now, I can start fusing for Mammolania. I can also start working towards Entelolania. They both have their pros and cons and its really hard for me to decide. So my question is should I go for Mammolania or Entelolania?

  • Mammolania
  • Entelolania

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Depends on what your team needs, Mammo is ridiculously bulky while Entelo hits ridiculously hard

Definitely both! Both are amazing!

Mammo, because of his resistant and bulk.

Entelolania is pretty good. I would go for that

It Depends
If you want a Really Good Tank, Mammolania
But if you want a creature that does that but decent damage, then Entelolania

Your gonna need both for skoona soon

Depends on which ingredients you find more of.

Namely, do you find more Entelodons than Elasmotheriums?

Neither are really slouches in the bulk or damage department tbh, as long as you boost them right, even though Mammolania does excel over Entelolania in the bulk department, while Entelolania exceeds in the damage, but I would say for both cases it’s only by a small margin.

DANG, it’s a 50 50 poll

It really is. It’s been like this for an hour or two.

Screenshot_20210501-134321_JW Alive
Here is my team. Which one is a better for my team in terms of a supporting the team. I am replacing rixis for one of them.

There is something else to consider:

Mammolania’s quite a bit faster, which can actually give it an edge over the Towers, as well as anything with 50%-75% speed resistance, which could put you in a far better position over your opponent. In fact with the exception of a fast Mortem or Grypolyth, it can do fairly well against Fierce creatures.

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