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Mammolania... underwhelming?

Just unlocked her and the lack of damage seems to really gimp it. Worth investing time and effort into or coins and boost better spent on something else?

I think she is actually pretty good


She can boost damage and has 50% armor


Defo not underwhelming. That damage is more than enough when paired with a basic boosting move. Still running mine in shores and it’s holding really well, especially vs the apexes


Boost it and you’re good against those pesky thors.

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Boost it how? Would take a ton of speed boosts to get ahead of most thors I have faced. Health and attack are prob more important for mammolania correct?

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Mine is 9/10/7. Still unsure where to put the last 4 boosts, but they might go into damage and speed

Yes. Health and Attack should make it ok

It’s good, I use it on my team and I’m about to raise it to level 25.

Really like using it. If it’s faster, can take out any chomper. When slower, can setup Thors for next creature.
Beats all 4 Apex creatures.

It laugh at Hadros and Cera… Enough said :slight_smile:

The only thing she fears are Diorajasaurs and Grypolyths.

2552 damage with the basic Persistent Ferocious Strike, and 3,402 for the normal Resilient Rampage.

3,200 damage for back to back Persistent Ferocious Strikes, and 5,204 damage for Resilient Rampage boosted by Persistent Ferocious Strike


She’s definitely not useless I’d stick with her to be honest .Screenshot_20210426-230800~2

great against cunnings and things like erlyk erli hadro and cera against chompers…not so much you need a lot of health to survive 2 hits from mortie for example so speed to say 129 and the rest on the others