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Mammolania VS Monolorhino (JWA Battles #22)

@Andrew_Scholte 100% reminded me about this. Welcome back to JWA Battles, not explaining the rules since you’ll figure 'em out along the way.

Anywho, last time Skoonasaurus and Ardentismaxima in, what you would think would’ve been an obvious call, destroyed an entire forest. And Maxima won, moving on!

The two unique rhinos. Originally, one was considered the best unique in the game, the other, the worst. Now both are tyrants! I love democracy. Anyway, Mammolania, the armored charger, and Monolorhino, the. Uh. Rainbow rhino thing. Anyway, who wins and who oofs? Let’s find out now!

Who are you rooting for?

  • Mammolania
  • Monolorhino

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Height: 11 Ft
Length: 17 Ft
Weight: 6.5 tons
Bite Force: N/A or 1,000 pounds
Speed: 15 MPH
Weapons: Horn and bulk
Advantages: Larger, more armor, physically stronger
Disadvantages: Weaker horn, slower, weaker bite
Mammolania is a hybrid of Mammotherium, a hybrid of Woolly Mammoth and Elasmotherium, and Meiolania. Very big, very bulky, very slow. It is strong, difficult to topple, basically everything a strong rhino would need to survive. And somehow, it’s larger than mammotherium. I don’t see how. But it is. Anyway, its weakness are the fact it’s slow, and it has a weak horn compared to even its nonhybrid ancestor. Overall, armored and slow. Your average tank, although fast in its own right.


Height: 9 Ft
Length: 15 Ft
Weight: 4.5 Tons
Bite Force: 2,500 pounds (you’d be surprised)
Speed: 32 MPH
Weapons: Horn and teeth
Advantages: Stronger horn, better bite, faster
Disadvantages: Less armor, physically weaker, smaller
Monolorhino is a hybrid of the fierce dimetrodon, cunning monolophosaurus, and resilient coelodonta, better known as the woolly rhino. As a rhino with carnivore DNA, the already agressive rhinoceros should be expected to be extremely deadly. Its bite force is insane for a herbivore build, it’s really fast thanks to its small theropod dna, and it’s, well, a pachyderm. If that doesn’t sound unstoppable I don’t know what does. It does have notable weaknesses, like lack of armor. Don’t let the game fool you, it’s less armored than its parent. Overall, Monolorhino is a threat to behold, but lacks armor.

Monolorhino can be seen grazing, with a couple of poukandactylus’ and pterovexus’ flying around. Out of no where, Mammolania comes charging through a boulder, scaring off the flying critters.

MRhino isn’t happy Lania ruined his mood in the slightest and grunts at him. Lania grunts back, taking it as a challenge, and charges at MRhino.

MRhino blocks the charge with its own horn, and slashes Lania’s skin, which is unaffected thanks to its armor. The two rhinos clash their horns together, later MRhino gains the upper hand and tosses Lania over.

MRhino runs to prepare a full charge. He comes close to slicing Lania, but he moves out the way and stabs MRhino in the side. Lania then smacks MRhino rapidly and the two fall into a volcano, both landing on the same rock, and both fell on their backside.

MRhino gets up first and attempts to charge Lania into the magma, but Lania knocks MRhino to the opposite side. Both began trading horn swipes and MRhino kicks Lania, knocking him to an opposite rock.

The volcano began erupting, both rhinos charging at each other. They locked horns, and the volcano spewed the rock they were on onto the surface. Lania landed against a boulder and crushed it, and MRhino landed against a tree, and it fell down.

MRhino, while Lania recovers charges and sweetspots its horn into Lania’s side, going all out. Despite minor bleeding, Lania still manages to knock MRhino off, toppling him over. Now to finish the deed.

Lania ran, picking up speed every second. Once fully charged, Lania rammed into MRhino’s semi-sail, and with a bloody explosion of the sail, MRhino was defeated.

Lania looked at MRhino’s corpse and bellowed.

Another brutal ending. Will I get flagged for this? Anyway. let’s discuss Monolorhino VS Mammolania. This battle was pretty even, all things considered. MRhino’s strong horn, with enough good stabs, which it was more than capable of doing thanks to its greater speed. could take down Lania around 35% of the time. Lania’s armor and physical power, however, usually triumphed. For one thing, MRhino would need to get solid hits through the side and avoid Lania’s own horn, which, all things considered, would be a big ask. While MRhino was faster. its reaction speed was pretty crap. So was Lania’s, but it could adapt easier thanks to its armor. While these two tyrant rhinos put up an excellent fight, Lania’s simple armor and sheer physical strength won the bout, making this JWA Battle’s winner Mammolania!


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Who do you want to appear next time?

  • Dilophoboa
  • Acrochanthops
  • Ovilophosaurus

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