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Mammolania VS Smilonemys (JWA Bonus Battles #1)

Welcome to the bonus battles of JWA Battles! Here, we do no research. They are, as suggested, bonus battles. So don’t question it if a Compy beats an Argentinosaurus, ok? Ok. Let’s go.

This time, we have a battle between 2 Smilonemys and a Mammolania! Who will win? I dunno, letsa go.

Mammolania is seen eating from a bush, when suddenly two Smilonemys show up and roar at him. Lania bellows and goes back to eating. Both Nemys charge at Lania, causing him to Slash one with his horn, and kick the other, knocking both down. Lania goes back to eating again, but both Nemys latch on him, so he decides it’s time to fight. Lania shakes both heavy cats off, and charges at one, catching him and ramming him in a tree. Nemys #2 charges and latches on Lania, who shakes him off yet again and rams him. Nemys #1 recovers from the blow and jumps on Lania, scratching him, but he instead shrugs it off and rams Nemys #1 before catching him and charging until he falls into the lake below, allowing a Dunkleosaurus to catch him. Nemys #2 attempts to pounce Lania, but Lania moves out the way so that he can fall in and the Dunkleosaurus catches him as well. The Dunkleosaurus submerges, and Lania goes back to grazing.

Ok, that… was a little one-sided. Ya gotta feel bad for the two Nemys. Hopefully you enjoyed that one, comment some suggestions for bonus battles! Cya next time.


I should probably note: the next battles for these never get revealed.

Oh. Flagged.

Alrighty let me get a less brutal ending

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Alright, we basically got a Dunkelosaurus feeding show here. With Lania as the audience.