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Mammolania worth it?

I heard this suffered a nerf? Still a viable option for higher arenas? Id like to have a tank type on the team, was looking at this and smilonemys, any advice? Thanks

Tried to respond to an old post, thought that would be better than starting a new thread but it got closed.

It used to be a nearly unstoppable monstrosity back in the day, but it’s still easily one of the strongest creatures in the game. It’s the tankiest thing this game has ever seen, has good damage output, healing, speed control and immunities.
It also reliably beats all 4 Apexes, which is a pretty big achievement.

Definitely worth looking at.


Yes, yes, and yes! Mammolania is definitely worth it! I used mine against a team with a Magnapyritor and won!

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well before 2.0 it was broken but even with the nerf it’s still a great creature, it’s definitely better than smilo so i think you should work on it, it also beats 100% most of the other tyrants of the game


Ye! Mammolania is great! :grin::rhinoceros::turtle:




I looked at that but didn’t know the accuracy of it, ive seen people talk like djor isn’t great but he’s up there, and smilonemys seems to get downplayed and he’s very high on there etc

It’s made by humans, so sure enough, it’s not perfect. I always simply look at it as an extra opinion (or more like many opinions from talented people) more than a 100% sure thing. But personally, they did an awesome job. Sure enough, you’ll always get players who will disagree with them, but all the dinos I hate facing are pretty much the tyrants ones And yep, I also hate having to face Mammolania, so for me he is a tyrant! Maybe also because it does make the match much longer by itself… I may also add that Mammolania is awesome against some Apexes as a bonus…

Who said that Dio isn’t great? It’s one of the best.

Dio and Lania probably save my butt more often than any of the other dinos on my team. I recently realized that I took so many screenshots of them pulling off fun wins that I could make an album for each: Dio and Lania

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