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This is the new Mammoth hybrid for 1.13 and as many people have pointed out, it’s VERY strong. But how strong?
Moveset & Stats:
4500 Health
1500 Attack
115 Speed
30% Armor
5% Crit Chance
Persistent Ferocious Strike
Definite Rampage
Dig In
This is essentially the same creature as Mammotherium in 1.12, having only exchanged 300 health for 10% armor and distraction immunity, making it much stronger when combined with the zealous nerfing that occurred this patch. But what counters it?
At the moment, VERY little.
It’s best counters so far are Entelomoth and Gorgosuchus. Other notable creatures that can win are Gemini, Tryostronix, and Baryonyx, all at roughly a 50/50 split. One notable Dino that does well against this monster is Dilorach, the scourge of the games early days, which has since fallen out of favor in most teams. While it DOES NOT beat Mammolania, it does survive, severely weaken it, and run, making it one of the VERY few creatures that will live to fight another day. If you don’t have one of these, you should try to use stunning creatures to the best of your ability to keep its attacks down. Nullification doesn’t work well, dodging isn’t effective, Distraction is useless, and tanking is impossible for nearly the entire roster. If you cannot Stun it, your best alternative is to slow it down with one Dino and try to chomp it with the next, but beware of its shields, which can cleanse, heal and speed up, or slow you down for their next Dino. Good luck and I hope you never meet one you can’t beat.


Too weak need a crit to beat it also go to remember dig in and bellow

Also while dilorach is good Eddie surpassingly might be a better counter due to ti literally having everyone of this things counters in it kit, slow, null and stun and again like you said it can’t kill it it will do some significant damage but all mind games. Same with dilorach since it can’t distract it has to hope that olania doesn’t crit or use bellow or dig -in so ya not a sure counter but a situation one at least

As for the last three Gemini does win (of course it does lol) maxima can do some damage, gorgosuchus… I’ll have to do the math and see, and moth has to be careful I think but ya it could win

What about Marsupial Lion? It’ll be able to do some serious damage, since it’s faster and all.

Dig in regen makes Bowser faster so Thyla isn’t the best choice

Yeah, but then it won’t be able to kill the Lion that turn, meaning it’ll take a lot of damage.
If it goes for Dig In first, ML gets two hits, which can take out Mammolania.
If it goes for Dig-In second, ML still gets two hits.

Either way, ML will get it down to around 25% health or less, meaning you can Revenge-kill it with Smilonemys or something.

And Magna can probably beat it too, but it might involve mind games.
Magna needs to use DI then NI then DSR.

But won’t magna be killed in 2 turns? 2 attacks from magna are not enough to beat a 30% armor 4500 hp creature. With immunity to distraction magna will only win If It crits on the rampage.


I forgot it’s Immunity to Distraction. The irony.

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If the guy is not dumb he should use Dig In on the second turn and could beat Thyla but it takes very hard

I mapped this stuff out guys.
Eddie loses BAD. PFS->DR will kill even if you Null.
Gemini’s a 50/50, TRUST ME, it’s complicated.
Bary and Tryos go for RtC and have a 60/50% chance of winning respectively
Marsupial Lion loses to PFS-DI->PFSbut leaves it with ~25% health. Don’t bring Nemys into that. It’ll die if you lose the speed tie.
Maxima damages but WONT KILL and this is just not a good use for your Maxima.
Gorgo kills FS->DSR unless it gets OHKOd T2 by a crit.
Magna needs a crit, 36% chance.
Thyla loses WORSE than Marsupial Lion.
For the most part, there’s not too many mind games with this thing. It’s a blunt instrument. One matchup where it has REAL trouble is vs Rixis.

Besides the 50% of Gemini and the uncommon Tryos this thing has… No other counters.

Did you miss the point of this post? I just gave you a bunch of viable counters. There are others.

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Lol Barry can actually kill it; if it’s not slowed or weak and gets a crit

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Rixs is sole stun dependent; also it can go bellow so armor plus shield negates that big hit

Nobody’s going to use basic Dinos. Gemini,& Tryos are soft counters, all of these rely on luck. So basically there are a handful of Dino’s that lay a hurt on Lani

This thing is rediculously OP.

Leaving us two Real counters. Yes I did kind of miss the point of the post.

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This isn’t about Moth. It’s about Mammolania. It’s in the title. Rixis can beat Mammolania, it’s about timing the stuns and impact.

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Only if it crits if not Eddie survives with 120 health and can either regenerate or go for SS

Yeah I get the names confused. I know what we’re talking about lol.