Mammoth family and Hybrids Rework

Exactly what it says. I personally think that the Mammoth family of hybrids and such is…strange. They’re classified as resilients, for the most part, yet a big part of them is persistent ferocious strike, which a very “Fierce” ability. So I decided to rework them a bit.

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Mammoths are very large, beefy, strong animals, so I decided to reflect that in the Woolly Mammoth, giving it a new move (Courageous Bellow) and a stat buff.

Elasmotherium (and Brontotherium) either should have a swap-in stunning move or Woolly Rhino shouldn’t. As you can see, I went with the first option.

Mammotherium is meant to be a direct cross between Mammoth and Elasmo. So where did it get Dig In from? I just decided to remove it and give Taunting Rampage, at the cost of an attack drop.

Entelomoth I gave Group Shattering Rampage, to make it generally more viable. Its attack also got a small buff.

Mammolania is WAY too good now, so I rended a good 600 HP or so from it as compensation, and gave it Greater Emergency Heal over Dig In, because that’s what Meiolania has.

As for Entelolania…this thing just needs a solid buff. So I decided to give more of an Entelomoth vibe to its moveset and a Meiolania one to its stats.

And because I don’t know how to make polls, just type your thoughts below.


I like it except for most of them having DoT res. They’re tanks, bleed should beat them. That’s part of why Mammolania and Moth were broken in 1.14

Like it?
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here u go! a poll


Ah yeah, that’s a good point. I tacked on the DoT res as they used to have it, but you’re right.

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I don’t see any problem with them having ferocity. It’s not like Tryostronix being able to heal itself makes it resilient. Courageous Bellow is an interesting move though.

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Fair point.

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I’m honestly fine with Mammolania’s current stats and resistances. My only issue with it, is I would prefer it having a Shield breaking ability in place of Bellow.

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Mammolania is indeed fine as it is now but it does need a shattering move maybe reduce some health in return for that .

I’m fine with Mammoth as a pure resilient. But if you all want to give it shield break and make it a fierce-resilient, go ahead I guess. Personally the only one I could see getting a Shattering move is Entelolania, but I’m not sure if that’s what it really needs the most.

I really don’t think Lania needs a Shattering move, or nearly as much health as it has now. Especially the health bit.