Mammoth or megoloceros?

I’m looking for an alliance with megoloceros and/or with a mammoth in their sanctuaries. I haven’t play in ages and just got back in to it, missing the event for them. I’m active daily and will contribute as much as I can.

Hi there ! We are currently looking to fill up our last few spots, our only requirement is for you to join our discord , and show a few ss weekly of your activity , and (ofc we got the mammoth and mega in sancs :wink:)


That seems reasonable. Where can I get in contact to join?

Add me ingame on Mayhem#2042👍, i assume your ingame name is the same as here?

Yes, my name is the same. Though there is a problem. When I search your name, it says theres no one with that name

Haha wait i was trolling you a bit😂, thats my discord tag, Mayhem#6004 is the ingame😝

Alright. Just sent it. Though I’ll add you on discord in a bit. Got to reinstall it.