Mammoth Superhybrid Ideas Wanted!

Note: This is a follow-up to my earlier suggestion, “Woolly Mammoth Must Be Added!” If you are reading this and have not seen my thoughts on the Woolly Mammoth, please go back and read it (or a good majority of it) and then come back.

The Woolly Mammoth was a good idea. The Mammolophoth was even better. But what about a superhybrid? Normally, I’d come up with this myself but after much brainstorming, I have not found anything. So, I thought maybe I could ask the other equally important members of the suggestion community for their thoughts. So, what do you think? What superhybrid could the Woolly Mammoth have? Leave your ideas in the comments.


The Mammomoloch. A superhybrid of the Wooly Mamoth and the Paramoloch. It would have the mammoths hair, but it’s got the colouring of Paramoloch. It could also have spikes on its tusks, similar as to how Stygi and Paramolcoh have spikes on their headcrests.

HP: 6000
Attack: 1500
Speed: 115
Armour: 0
Crit: 5%
Pinning Strike
Trumpeting Call (New move, does 1x damage and raises attack and critical chance by 25% for 2 turns. 2 turn cooldown, no delay)
Defense Shattering Rampage


The idea is great. I’ll keep it in mind. Let me know if you have other suggestions.

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How about mammoth and smilocephalosaurus?

It would get its hair back for one lol and a saber tusked mammoth with a bony thick head would be pretty cool

Plus it could be the first big tank that could have an &Run move, assuming if we get mammoth that it’ll be a tank


Good thinking. I will add this to the list of suggestions for Woolly Mammoth superhybrids. Feel free to put another possibility up.

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