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Mammotherium and Mammolania need nerfs

Ok who un the right mundo thought giving a basic attack the ability to auto buff your attack by 50% without cooldown? And for Two turns?! Take away it’s ability to buff itself without cooldown or reduce the auto buff to 25% instead of 50% if You arent giving it a cooldown


Wait till you meet Entelomoth.


The delay on definite rampage in mammotherium is already a nerf for it, so I’d say leave it alone
Mammolania on the other hand I’d say get rid of immune to distraction and replace it with immune to deceleration, and also make the armor 50% as compensation

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Entelomoth is even worse than both of them. In fact, it’s really the only “broken” creature in the game. That thing is the creature that deserves the nerf


I think on escape heal should be removed and replaced with just swap in heal from Entelodon. On escape heal basically makes it immune to Monostrgo and Dracocera

It’s not a nerf if it gets a buff in it’s attack while waiting for it

Mammotherium and Mammolania are already nerfed, if they get nerfed even more at this point I don’t know what to say. Entelomoth is MUCH worse than both, tbh I can find Moth more terrifying than the two combined. There is no reliable counter to Moth (IG2 Gemini) the counters are either guessing games or making right predictions. I’d would rather fight ANYTHING (even Geminititan) over the Entelomoth.

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Unless if you can get the moth to extremely low HP (1-315), you can swap in DC for the kill or you can swap in monosteg and pray for that crit.

Exactly. That sounds busted to me. Having to rely on rng to beat something means it is b.u.s.t.e.d.

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Believe me, it is. I can’t wait for Ludia to make a extremely broken Moth hybrid that no creature can be either with right predictions or RNG.

I feel like the combination of OE Heal and Immunity to stuns is what really breaks it. Get rid of one of the 2 and you have a much more balanced creature imo.


Ok yeah Entelo need a nerf but seriously every single hybrid with mammoth is somewhat busted,and another reason why maammoth in general neds a nerf to be vulnerable to bleed

how about removing immune to bleed. give the bleeders something. :laughing:


^ now THIS I can agree with!

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Part of me wonders if changing Persistent Ferocious Strike’s attack buff from 50% to 33% would make these creatures more balanced(?). Of course, Definite Rampage has already been nerfed, so nerfing PFS as well might be a bit too harsh, at least for Mammotherium and Mammolania.

Dude both hit harder than any chomper, have health and are inmune to bleed

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No persistent ferocious strike users should have immunity to distraction…it’s like having counter attackers immune to stuns; a bad idea. Mammotherium isn’t in a bad spot cause it’s trapped after DR with crummy PFS for 2 turns. PFS itself isn’t broken in that it can be shielded and armored through, but the same creatures have have it also have huge rampages…I dunno it’s a niche Ludia wants to make as “anti tank tank”. Moth is a horror, you can’t run, you can’t hide; the rampage is coming. 120 is way too fast, and mutual fury AND persistent ferocious on the same thing means those rampages are hitting like a freight train.


They are already nerfed. There is no point of a further nerf. There are lots of other creatures that need to be nerfed

True, I just didn’t want to risk nerfing Moth, Mammo, and Lania to the point they become useless. I’d like for them to maintain their niche as an armored, anti-tank chomper, however I do feel like their high stats combined with their moveset and immunities make them far too strong.

I do believe that it’s pretty overpowered for a creature to have a two-turn Ferocious Strike ability available to them as their basic attack. Ferocious Strike and Ferocious Impact both have a three-turn cooldown, and they both last for three turns as well. But PFS can be used back-to-back with NO cooldown, which is essentially gives Moth, Mammo, and Lania an indefinite way of boosting their attack stat.

Definitely agree with that as well. Sure, you could just nullify the PFS, but you’ll be hit with a DSR/DR the next turn. There aren’t many nullifiers that are guaranteed to survive DSR/DR after being hit with PFS. Geminititan would likely be able to nullify PFS and survive DSR/DR, but other nullifying creatures such as Quetzorion, Magnapyritor and Procerathomimus can’t do so as easily.

It’s not horrible to have PFS in the game because moves with no cooldown exist for distracting and nullifying, both options that remove PFS from being an issue. One could argue instead that the attack stats of these creatures should be lower to compensate for the move (1400 for mammoth for example may be too high). The idea for the move though is for it to stack with a high damage mega hit that destroys tanks, the issue imo is that immunity to distraction and high speed prevent things that are supposed to answer this from doing their role.