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Mammotherium Boss

Any Strategy?

I have a hunch that a team of Alloraptor, Dilophoboa, Carnotarkus and Paramoloch might do the trick. Any ideas?


I ask if anyone managed to defeat him. I believe it is an impossible feat even in 10: D

All I’ve learned so far is don’t try it with just 2 or 3 people!

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Me and my Allaince used this team against it.

Dilo and Tyrannolophosaur are essential. Dilo keeps healing when needed, and distracting Mammo. Tyrannolophosaur does the damage needed to finish off Mammo’s large health pool. Meg is used to spread Ferocious to everyone, and Mono because it’s fast and immune to speed decreases and has Null Strike to get rid of Mammo’s buffs.


Dilorano, trago, and 2 tryostronix worked for me. Tryos both start with RTC, and then rampage while trago keeps taunting and dilorano uses cunning and healing

Did it with relative ease with lvl20 tyrannolo, rajakylo and dilorano. 3 players is enough to do it.

3 ppl worked

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I keep seeing people choose Indominus Rex. The thing literally has two shielding moves and one that Nullifies. I think the battle is lost as soon as I see that.

It can work with tryostronix. Use RTC before it uses rampage

Gotta have a healer and a damage buffer. Diloranosaurus is a good healer and it can keep mamoth’s damage down. Tryo is a great team buffer.

It can be stunned, but good luck as it has 70% stun resist. Just try to keep heals up and it’s damage down. It does have a massive Definte rampage in round 1 and its ferocious buff lasts longer than regular mammotherim. in round 2, shields will be your friend as it won’t use the Definite rampage.


Did it with 3 people :
Alloraptor (good dommage and cunning)
Diloranausaurus (cunning and heal)
T-rex boosted (dommage)

Manage to do it again with an indoraptor gen 2 spamming CS instead of the alloraptor.

When the mammo group dommage : go for group heal just after and cunning next turn.
When it goes for rampage, do the greater emergency heal after or before (it will go for the highest life dino, just be sure than it get enough life and cunning after.
You always have to debuff it after it does dommage or it will one shot all of you at some point.

The tof part is to kill the minion quickly when it appears.

I somehow managed to get on with someone from an old alliance and 2 other randomers.

We used Diloran, Tryo, Edmond and Diloboa. No communication and we did it. Just pick a decent team and it should work

Recommended to use tryostronix

The first time I beat him the team was this

Worked very well

Mine got 125 speed, 1511 attack, and 3,979 health. Its only 22. Fear not but when it gets to 26 you shall live in fear.

My team beat Mammotherium with Tragodistis, Diloranosaurus, Paramoloch, and Tryostronix. We barely lost any up due to all the heals, and Tryo is actually so strong.

In regards to actually battling, it took some coordination amongst my team to pick good creatures and figure out what moves to use.

That was the most fun I’ve had playing this game in so many months. Big thanks to Ludia for making the game fun again.

Still got some kinks and bugs to work out in the Raids, especially on iOS, but overall a good job.


Tore it up with three using utasinoraptor paramoloch and tyrannolophosaur

Got it with Tyrannolophosaur, Diloranausaurus and Paramoloch.

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