Mammotherium or entelomoth?

Hi gamers,

I am a level 13 player and could use some advice. I have a level 17 brontolasmus. Now I have some wooly mammoth dna and sufficient entelodon dna. I can easily create entelomoth. But, I also have dna for mammotherium from boss raids. The trouble is that my elasmotherium is at level 11, and has stayed there since I used the dna for brontolasmus. So my question is , whether entelomoth is a better choice for me or mammotherium?. With mammotherium I will have to first wait to get my elasmotherium to level 15, and probably drop my brontolasmus for good.

Awaiting helpful replies.

Thanks a ton

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Mammotherium hits a heck of a lot harder, is bulkier, and has some access to healing and taunts. Moth has Group Shattering and MF for raids, but is considerably weaker in the arena. JWA Toolbox would be a good place to look


Mammotherium goes into mammolania, who is a beast, so I’d go for mammotherium personally


mammotherium without thinking twice

Mammotherium and Mammolnia are extremely good for the arena.

Entelomoth and Entelolania are okay. Entelomoth is decent for raids but Entelolania is just…bad.


I personally would say to keep leveling lasmus as high as you can cuz she can be a cheaper maxima for raids that works just as well. Lasmus is more offensvie than mammo but even more bulky and has decel immunity.

Entelomoth is also better than mammo in pvp cuz it has more hp, only a little less armor, more options against other creatures. For example, it can use mutual fury against faster creatures, even being the fastest creature in the game cuz all 132 speedsters are commons. You could also use persistent strike against slower dinos, it also has sheild breaking and has shield.

The only reason to get mammotherium is to use mammolania plus you can just get 25- 100 every week. You only need 700 to get it to 20 so I would go for lasmus and moth

Based on my image, it depends on the utility you want to give it. I would personally go for mammotherium, it is more versatile, between mammotheium and entelomut of course.

Kinda depends on what you’re specifically looking for, but in general, I’d say Mammotherium. Entelomoth can be better in certain raids if you need a damage dealer who can also provide team utility, but IMO there are other options out there already. Mammotherium isn’t a slouch itself, just not able to offensively support the team like Entelomoth, but its defensive utility is much stronger.

it depends, entelemoth counters fierce and cunning as well as resilient. Mutual fury for faster creatures, peristent strike for fierce and resilient, the

It is true, but that is an example, in this example, entel no matter how much he does, he does not beat smilo, mammo busts smilo and entelomut wins mammo, with difficulties, but wins lol

It’s more on what you need

I guess, most of the comments point towards focussing on mammotherium. I guess I’ll discard brontolasmus and focus on building mammotherium. Ill save entelodon dna for another day. Trouble is my elasmotherium is level 11, and can’t seem to find its DNA. My only option seems to be sanctuaries…long road ahead… sighs