Mammotherium vs Indo gen 2


Many people use the Gamepress sim when it comes to the skill tournament. However, I am noticing some flaws in it. For example, this is how often the Gamepress sim says Indo gen 2 wins against mammotherium, but I am certain that this figure is incorrect. Unless Indo gets 2 crits in a row, then mammotherium has a 25% chance to win (it hits through evasive turn 1). I cannot remember how to do the calculation off the top of my head currently, I am certain it reduces the win percentage of indo to around 80%

(I am not trying to nitpick, but this is to help out players in the skill tournament who are building their teams)

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Actually there right on this one see it come down to cautious strike.

Since cautious distracts and dodges the first, 2100 attack your supposed to revive get turned into 693 damage. Next turn cautious strike again and you only receive 3,000 damage. That get you low enough to kill right that 207 health on indie but mammoth is too at 2,420. Meaning mammoth is basically screwd since if it digs-in it not gonna be barely out on one shot range but your not faster than indo, if you go bellow your dead anyway but you leave indo as reveng bait so ya that accurate

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I know that. I’m saying that mammotherium has a better chance of winning than what the sim says. If mammotherium hits through evasive turn 1, it does 1500 damage and has a 25% chance of hitting through. Then, it will do a total of 3000 damage. This is a total of 4500 damage.

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Gamepress isn’t perfect and that’s ok. You just gotta figure it out yourself.


Although there are other in constantses that I noticed too

According to The Dinodex, Thylacotator loses 100% of the time to megalogaia

I though this was weird cause I used it in the epic tournament and not once did a deer kill me so I decided to do the math; and this is not using deliberate prowl or dig in on either end… thyla wins by 300 hp this includes that the deer goes impact first turn so ya @Piere87 there might be some errors

Other I’ve found are on nodopatotitan only beating on tyrant… proRAT

yet it also again this is from friendly battles and doing the math beat Phorusaura and erlidom 100% of the time

Lol ya sometimes they make mistakes no one is perfect right although they should change it tho just so players know

I know. I just want to help out the players who aren’t familiar with the matchups so when the skill tournament comes around, they’ll know what the odds of A winning against B are. Like I said, I was not intending to be rude, but rather trying to help the community

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There are a lot of matchups in there that are what we call “coin toss” matchups. Meaning the whole thing can depend on how the first move is played. I know we are working with @MattEllis on these matchups to better represent them in the sims. We are continually trying to improve them, but it’s hard with some of these matchups that really depend on what each player does in what order.

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Lol still I check Thylacotator even if the dear go bellow, or decel strike, dig-in or impact will win 100% of the time; this is not including crits on either side

Same goes with moth and gemini, quetz and indo gen 2, and mammotherium and smiloceph (speedtie for this one)

Or with noodles I mean if stego can beat them and it has less armor and less lasting shields just makes logical sense that noodles can as well
image image image image
And while mean doesn’t beat them cause it’s under leveled and not boosted it can hold its own pretty well. (Again this is not to scream and say hahah your wrong it’s more of saying hey you messed this up might wanna fix it in the most polite and respectful manner

I’m pretty sure deer wins if it goes Decel Impact, Dig-In and Decel Impact, unless Thyla crits.

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Ya again this is also saying if Thylacotator doesn’t go DP at all and even if it digs in from lethal if it gets a crit on DP as one video said

“It’s all oger now”

That why I say it win 100% cause deer has to have the best luck not die lol

I don’t think Deliberate Prowl would affect this matchup.

Basically the same what happened with Thylacotator vs Brontolamus while not have the same hP and Brontolamus has more attack it can’t kill thyla leaving it at 100 ho and Thylacotator killing it

Lol ya it would not only does it dodge but buff the crust Chance basically giving it a great big old fatality I checked anyway

I still must ask, @Piere87, why did the sim put indo gen 2 winning 97% of the time rather than about 80%. Just out of curiosity

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I did some math and at equal levels LW + DP (with crit) is enough to kill Deer Gaia even if it use dig in

So in other words the deer can beat Thylacotator if it does this thyla doesn’t crit or go DP and this exact moveset is done so then yes the deer wins 100% but most time I say around 85-90% thyla win and this is from not only friendly battles but tournament experience