Mammotherium vs Indo gen 2

The Sims are all Matt’s creation so he would have to answer how those matchups and percentages are calculated. Like I said, we are working on a better way to represent some of the more “coin toss” matchups.

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See told ya :joy: sorry not tying to be rude just happy I don’t mess up in the calculations

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Although I did have one question ik the epic snake :snake: does win against indo 100% of the time if indo doesn’t dodge but I don’t think it 100% I mean one dodge on Decel and that snake is dead

If Indo gets a crit on the rampage, titanoboa loses. However, titanoboa does rampage first and THEN decel

You are using the arena as a reference for this though. The Sims are a equal level, unboosted playing field. Ultimately, there is an ideal move order it pulls from and then calculates the win/loss rate from that (once again that’s all Matt on that one). We know the sims aren’t 100% or don’t reflect the boosted arena but are more of a general guide on ideal matchups and situations. We also know people can often win matchups they are “supposed to” based on move order and playing smart. It’s a very complicated simulator and taking dodges into the equation can also change things.

I know @MattEllis is dedicated to making it the best tool possible and we are always working to improve it and represent the information in the best way possible as well.

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That why I’m asking cause if titanoboa does that move set right rampage then decel but when snake does rampage it goes ES meaning it very likely to dodge the deceleration the cleanse and kill it

Titanoboa has precise rampage

Not if Gaia uses Shielded Decel Strike on turn 1.
If Gaia goes SDS, Dig-In then Decel Impact I’m pretty sure it wins 100% of the time.

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About Mammotherium I seen in the new Dinodex Smiloceph has 100% chance to beat it at equal level

But the problem is with Bellow Mammoth can decel Smiloceph and Dig in makes it fast as Smiloceph wich brings a tie against them

With this sure is not 100%, and don’t said me with RnR Smiloceph beat absolutely Mammotherium because Phorusaura like Smiloceph can 2 shots Mammotherium with 2 rampages and for some reasons it’s not showed like a counter of it

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That’s right but decel isn’t so indo take the hit, leaving it with 1.5 k health of indo the dodges decel it takes only 612, indo cleanses then rampages

Again if Thyla has LW on the first turn and got a crit on RT (by luck or DB) Gaia is dead

Titanoboa goes second after indo. Turn 1, titanoboa goes for rampage. Turn 2: decel. Turn 3: rampage.

Indo doesn’t get a chance to cleanse

Because LW and RT with crit is enough to 2 shots Gaia so it doesn’t have the time to use DI

Nope I checked you also got to remeber Thylacotator does 1000 damage on top of of LW

LW does 1,313; so 500( thats including shield)

  • 1,313 = 1,813

3980 - 1,813 = 2, 167

RT no crit= 2,988
Rt with crit= 3,735

But indo can cleanse with impact so the decl is gone it goes first turn three?

I actually analysed this matchup because I didn’t believe it at first. Long story short: This 100% win rate is true, unless Smilocephalosaurus makes some stupid moves. Not going in depth though, that’s going to take way too long to explain

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No. Even if Thyla gets 2 crits it still loses.

Gaia(3960) uses SDS. Thyla(2700) uses LW and crits. Gaia counters.

Gaia(2028) uses Dig-In. Thyla(1500) uses DP.

Gaia(3018) uses Decel Impact, which Thyla dodges. Thyla(906) uses RT. Gaia counters.

Gaia(48) wins.

Gaia has 3980 full HP and O forgot the shield protect against the lethal wound damage so I need to made math again

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Gaia has 3980 and thyla: 4,500 that max unboosted lvl 26 hp