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Has any one progressed far enough in their game play to have unlocked or even approaching being able to unlock Mammotherium? What kind of supporting Cenozoics do you have to run to not completely unbalance your game?


I have unlocked him, it’s a pricy Dino with nothing that matches him in strength.

Because of the price and the fact that it would screw up my Cenozoic battles if I leveled him up I have only hatched one of them but at level 10 it’s my third strongest creature currently:

I could make some stronger creatures by merging some of my other creatures but I am not looking to take anything beyond the level 30 Thylacosmilus until I have sufficient crops of creatures to evolve as to not upset the balance


At level 1, it’s about on par with many of the level 10-20 VIP Cenozoic critters with 1500 health and 850ish attack. Mine is at level 1, I think I won it in something or other.


I guess there’s a bigger gap in Ferocity between my level 20 Thylacosmilus and my level 20 Wooly Mammoth than I thought if a level 10 Mammotherium will fit underneath a level 30 Thylacosmilus