Man I would love to change my team up

But boosts have me stuck with what I have juiced. I am playing much less and holding on for the 1.9 release in hopes of bringing about some boost resets.

This boost nonsense was sold as a way to have a “fast Rex” allowing more Dinos to be customized in order to make more of them viable… except you get stuck. I don’t care how powerful Erlyspyx is, if it is Underboosted, it is super dead.

This needs to happen and the sooner the better.


Wish I could like this post 100 times. Honestly what else can we run. Same boring teams over and over again. Some days I wanna test my legendaries against uniques. See where they still remain viable in standings. But I stand no chance now


I agree completely. Stuck. bored. There’s so many creatures we’d like to play with. Boost reset option or get rid of them please.


Completely agree.


At last count I had boosted about 35 dinos. Boosts work great spread out - as intended. Ludia just didn’t count on human nature and the desire to win with the most powerful things (or maybe they did, which is why we got months of free sino every week, then boosts to juice up those dinos). Of course, I don’t play the same 5 or 6 that everyone else does, so I’m a little more free to rotate in and out.

I switch my team up quite a bit and waver in the same +/- 200 trophy range. I love it.

Would I like a reset? Sure… but do I need one to switch things up and have some fun? Nope.

Also, is there any reason to NOT play other creatures? Your high score is frozen, so put in something different and play. Who cares if you drop? Once you get over the need to have a high trophy count the game gets fun again.


I totally get what you are saying @Tuco . I just got Tyranolophosaurus to L29 and I would love to just plug it in and play it even if I drop trophy count I don’t care. Problem is you can’t get any feel for how good it really is or could be when you drop that thing in and It gets blasted by literally every single dino you meet. I mean Stegodeus being all boosted can crush it with a rampage and SS. A tank destroys a tank buster. Just doesn’t work.


I played in battle, 24 of the 29 different creatures I had on my teams yesterday in 12 battles. They are all level 15 and 16, none boosted. I’m up to 83 creatures I can interchange in and out.

We need a separate arena to play our teams none boosted so we can have a larger selection of creatures to play on our level 20-30 teams.

I know they can’t get rid of boosts now that players have invested real money into those but they can have a separate arena to play teams none boosted. I mean, they make it work for tournaments.

I remember the good ole days when I had a team average in the low 20’s and boosts didn’t exist. It was fairly easy to bring a new dino to team level and plug her in. It isn’t so easy once you get to L30 though. I have Carnotarkus at L27 boosted to 6 damage and 6 health and it still rarely survives more than 2 hits.

All I’m saying is that when a new patch drops and all these new dinos are intoduced, dinos you worked on and boosted get nerfed to hell like Indo this last patch, people’s boosts should get a reset and let them optimize their teams. I also think you should be able to reset a dino for a few hundred hard cash. But that is just my opinion.


I agree!

I’m stuck with a dead dinosaur on my team because of this issue. I haven’t wanted to use any more boosts on my indo since the evasive nerf so its fallen behind but I don’t have any worthy replacements up to team level yet so I’m stuck with this weak dinosaur until I can level up one AND save up enough boosts to get it to similar tiers so that it can keep up. This basically means I’ll be held back for weeks.


Same. I have so many dinos that I’d love to play, but I can’t because anything boosted knocks them out in one swift blow.

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I would love to level Erlikospyx and test it on my team. I have DNA, the coins and the boost. But boost is better used on tyrants already on my team or saved. I end up using the same old boring team until 1.9.

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I have no doubt Ludia will do the right thing and reset boosts after they nerf the boosted dinos that everyone bought boosts for.

Right after pigs get wings.

Yeah, I’d like all my coins and DNA back too.

Yep… It’s what we’ve been saying… That’s why it’s so important to have occasional rollbacks… Or maybe give us some kind of item to take boosts back from a creature… a “deboost”… You could even put them for sale too, Ludia! We know you love that kind of stuff…

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Im about to beat this drum again… Boosts should reset day 1 of each “tournament season” so we can redistribute. It would encourage us to bring new dinos alomg knowing we will get boosts back.


Think on it. If boost resets were to become a thing (I do not believe they will) what would it accomplish? Sure, a few users would try different creatures or even them out. But what would many users do? They would dump them all into one or two creatures. If they KNOW they are temporary, they will dump everything into Rat or Thor. You think the arena is unbalanced now? Where exactly do you think users are going to put all their boosts after a reset? Perhaps they will take them all from Thor and put them all into a different creature like Magna. Heck, they are going to be reset, no worries! There would be level 10 boosted everythings in Arena.

Not the right or smart way to do it you say? Look what many users have done already, put boosts into one or two, do you think they will change tactics? Not a chance. I believe there are many who are happy with creatures like that. They get them picked, they win, they do not get them picked, no problem try again. They do not want to actually ‘battle’ in Arena, they just want that decimating win.

And if they make them a pay to play change as suggested by many users? Who is going to be able to not only purchase all the boosts offered but also get to switch them to whatever new meta relevant creature comes around? Thor gets nerfed, no biggie. Dump some cash into the game and switch them over. And who is going to get stuck with them on the old meta non-relevant creature? Everyone who does not pay yet again for the same creature.

So I do not see the magical “Resets” helping at all, I see it as creating new problems.


No one I fight has all their boosts in 2 dinos. It is a recipe for disaster. You don’t draw those 2 you loose. Thor and DC are not even close to the most dangerous Dinos in the game. I know many hate them and crowbars their hatred in all topics but really I don’t get what you are saying… you hate that some players super-boost a few dinos so resets are bad because people will super-boost a few dinos?

Getting Dinos to L30 is hard work, Getting them to L30 and have them be trash because Ludia Introduced boosts is deflating. Boosting dinos costs a fortune, no one asked for boosts they were forced in the game nothing we can do about that it’s Ludia’s game. But making you pay for boosts, locking them in and then Nerfing those dinos to * is not cool. I understand the want to generate $$, Boost resets could affect the bottom line… It could also spur more people to buy in if they knew there investment was protected from Ludia’s nerf monster.

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Not what I am saying at all. I do not care what users boost. I choose not to use them and manage to get my DBI every day. I face those creatures all the time, no biggie to me. I made a choice not to get involved in the boost wars and pay yet again for the same creatures.

I was stating what many users would do. To you, it makes no sense to put them all into one or two. To them it does. All you have to do is view some of the posted pictures of the monsters users face, those are not evenly boosted teams. Some users do not mind losing if they do not get them, they like winning BIG when they do is all.

They did that with nerfing stats before boosts. They will do it with boosts, no difference. Users did not get dna or coins back then, they will not get boosts or HC spend back now.

I believe we also might be looking at two different worlds. If you have level 30 creatures you are playing a whole different game than lower creature level users. Down in the kiddie pool users boost Miragaia, Gorgosaurus, carnotaurus, Velociraptor, Paramoloch, Allosinosaurus and just about everything. Most have no hope or plan of ever getting a level 30 end game team. They play what they got and boost as much as they can with what they got. If I defeat their lead creature, they have nothing to back it up. Many just rage quit after that. And just as many times as that happens, they will just about one shot their way to victory as their Allosino, Miragaia or whatever is boosted to where there is nothing I can do.

With all due respect, because you make a valid point, I must disagree. Yes, some will put all their eggs in exploitable baskets but those people are already doing that and would lose if they dont have them. Without resets any new dinos that come along are unlikely to ever see competitive play because your boosts are accounted for. At the very least allowing us to redistribute will help those of us trying to do it right utilize new or newly leveled dinos. Everyone is saying everyday on here that theyre facing overly boosted this or that, that part would be no different

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Correct, that is all I was trying to point out. Those users would still be doing that. I believe it would entice more users to do it as they know they are not permanent. Hey, why not have one or two monsters!??!

Being able to redistribute boosts would be beneficial to the users. As you point out, it would also make utilizing new creatures easier. Not going to happen though, sorry. Ludia will make more revenue by just selling more boosts for those new creatures.