Managed to get a pic this time , Any ideas why?


So doing arena kill 1st dino then this happens, not moaning got good stuff out off it, but it’s 3rd time now.
Anyone know why?? Or just a bug.


Looks like a visual glitch…Does the incubator revert back to a standard 15 min. or 3 hour incubator once it sets in the slot? Or does the incubator open immediately, like a Strike Tower prize?

Might not hurt to send in a support ticket regardless so that Ludia is made aware of the issue, if they haven’t been informed already.


No I can open it there and then no timer, got no points for winning just that Inc.


That’s really weird…I’d send in a support ticket to Ludia.

One suggestion would also be to try closing out of the app completely and re-opening it. Perhaps that would be enough to get the glitch to stop affecting your incubators–it might work, it might not, but it’s worth a try.


@Carl_Brown this happend also to me, here


No way I like it :slight_smile: free Inc for killing 1 dino.
Got good DNA from it.
Yeah I got cunning creature one and got epic DNA.


todays common strikes were all one round. cant remember how may dinos had to be fought


There was 1 common strike event with three rounds, on 24h cd, and another common strike event with 5 rounds, 48hr cd.

Wait, these were yesterdays. Middle of my night >< Derp on me.