Managing My Resources

I have a large lack pf DB, a SEVERE lack of DNA for my lvl (41) and coin prodcution is 200k a day

Any idea how to manage it and not waste em, mostly blew my DNA and DB on Gyrosphere, Mods, Playable Bosses and PvP modded

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Perhaps take a little time and boost your coins. If you have any of the 30min max coin common hybrids unlocked spend some time and DNA making a handful of lvl 40s. Should be able to get one paddock to around 1mil coins /30min without too much effort using oasis and hammond’s.

Once that is done and you have access to hammond’s and Apato fossils you should be able to buy a few of them each day and use them in the TH. That will help fund your park a bit until you get a little further along and coins are no longer an issue.

You can use the deco trades how ever you want, when i picked up my one kids game again it was in the 40’s park lvl wise. If i remember i found it beneficial to take a lot of the deco to coin trades. at early levels you gat around 1.5x coins per actual cost so you can build your coins up a little quicker taking those trades. Taking the deco for food trades along the way as well. Eventually you will get several million food, you will then eventually get an offer to trade the food for several million coins. Do that then use all the coins for more deco’s for the TH and deco’s to ramp up coins around your coin making paddocks.

Once your paddock coin production gets better you won’t have to do that as much to keep a good stock of deco’s and eventually this will be practically self-sufficient and continue to support it’s self and you can keep an inventory of deco’s in your inventory and take any decent trade offers for them.

Also this heavily relies on keeping your inventory empty other than those couple decorations. If you don’t know about the clear market strategy do a search something should pop up.


Thanks for helping with the coins, but do you have any advice concerning my lack of DB and DNA, i have like 6000 DNA and 98 DB

Don’t waste it.

Once you start stocking hammond’s and Apato fossils you will routinely get trade offers for them in the TH.

300-500 DNA for a hammond or AF
300-500 DB’s for a hammond or AF

You can get several of these per day if you are checking routinely

On top of that once you stock enough coins and food you can take those trades as well.

fairly often you can get around 4-5k DNA for around 30k coins

20mil food can net you 2k DNA give or take.

The TH is a strange thing though and heavily relies on if you are VIP or not. As a VIP you will get lots of trades that a non VIP would never ever see so VIP’s and non VIPs will handle resources and the trades they take a little differently. With that being said if you are non VIP, trade advice from a VIP about particular trades may not actually work for you. Especially food trades. As a non VIP i have done lots of custom food trades with max and near max food and routinely get trash offers in return to the point they are not worth it to even try, instead I will take any decent random trade from Chanya for the food.

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I will add that the gyro’s are almost never worth it and definitely not if you can’t win consistently.

One thing i did on my kids game when i picked it back up again was I did do some gyro’s for a bit to win common hybrids. Here was the rational behind it.

1st - I could win every time
2nd - I could only stock a few deco’s per day for trades and taking the deco for DNA trades wasn’t the best use. I had little use for DBs at the time. Everything I was hatching was quick, didn’t need them for cool downs, only thing i used DBs for was the TH refreshes. I would get a few deco for DB trades a day typically so lets just say 800 DBs from the TH per day.

I wanted common hybrids for coin production, common hybrids cost around 1000 DNA, it would take me at least 3 deco trades to DNA to get that much DNA. I could get 800 DBs in just 2 deco trades. I could do 3 gyro’s with 800 DBs at 250 DB’s a pop.

So in the end I could get 3 common hybrids from gyro’s for just 2 deco trades for DBs. Trading deco’s for DNA it would take me at least 9 trades.

Now this only makes sense when it is hard for you to keep deco’s in stock because of low coin production. Once coin production is ramped up and you can keep deco’s in stock 24/7 it no longer really makes sense and your influx of DNA from trades will go way up and buying hybrids for 1k DNA is non issue.

Also make sure to utilize the discount periods especially on hybrids.

If you are non VIP i find it good to use the custom trades as apato fossils for LPs. you will routinely get 250-350 lps for an AF. This is a guarantee unlike other custom trades you might try. doing the 1 free and the 2nd trade for 250 dbs (as non vip) you can get around 600 lps per day give or take guaranteed. Some may suggest doing coins for jurassic then trading the jurassic for LPs but there are no guarantees in that play and you will routinely end up with less than if you would have just traded the AFs. As a VIP this play would be a little different for a few reasons.


Terrible news: this is my resources today

I spent all my bucks and DNA on modded PvP

Edit: Already sold most Lvl 1-10 rare/super rare

I think you need to start like barely using bucks. You need to save bucks and save up DNA too

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Ah i see, so i should not do PvP or the Archelon Tourney

You should see how high you can get in the archelon tourney because every league has a chance at bucks in the pack

Buy a apatosaurus fossil then store it and soon you will be able to trade it for 400 bucks

Wait your spending dna on mods? That is a sure way to completely waste your dna, spend coin and food on mods for modded pvp nothing else, and just do a few battles a day as you dont want to spend too much db.

Also dont do gyros or playable bosses the rewards are trash compared with modded pvp.


Im lvl 42 so maybe not

you don’t have the resources to support a lot of modded pvp. Do 1 per day just to get the daily mission done for the 3 mods.

Once you get a little more you can do more but right now you need to focus on 1 thing and stick with it for a bit.

Don’t sell dino’s that will kill your coin production and eventually you are going to want them for hybrids and what not.

You need to be finishing all pve you can
finishing the daily missions every day
working on coin production
not spending DNA and DBs on things that won’t be beneficial in the future

if you can’t win consistently in the tournament don’t do it, and don’t spend dbs on speeding up cool downs. If you play play casually a little here and there.


ok thanks i’ll take the advice