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Manipulating Battles

The arena is pretty much a joke. And boosts are not even worth investing in if you want to enjoy the game. Here is why.
I play with my family. Me, spent a lot on boosts and have a pretty maxed lvl30 team and all boosts to date applied. Sitting at 5400 trophies. Yeah I am not that good. My wife, level 25-28 Dino’s semi boosted. She has used some of here saved up in game cash to buy boosts and then gets her daily 4 free ones plus battles. She is sitting at 5300 trophies. Then my son, highest boosted Dino is a tier2 trex, all of lvl24. Rest of his Dino’s not boosted and does not have an epic on his team. Guess what, he just cracked 5500 trophies. And yes he has a whopping lvl19 rat that does almost 2k damage on a swap in.
Needless to say, my son and wife can get battles all day long. Not expected to fight AI as I have to endlessly. When they loose a battle, the loose 10 trophies 90% of the time. While if I loose its 30 plus trophies. To win or get a battle, all I have to do is swap out 4 of my Dino’s for lvl1 unboosted Dino’s and amazingly, I get matches. Pretty much destroying any opponent I play. Most times not loosing a Dino. Thus increasing my trophy count to 5600-5700. And amazingly, I may get just 1 of those lvl1 unboosted Dino’s. May being the optimal words cause most of the time I don’t even get 1.
If this is how the game is supposed to play, I don’t think it was, then this game is a total joke. The whole arena battle system and trophy systems is a joke as well. It laughs at all the players and gives no realistic view of any player. It’s all about manipulating Ludias poor battle system. No skill, no pay to win, no rpg. Being a paying player, casual spender or f2p, it effects all of us.