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Manipulative Cheat Program


I’m quite certain there is in existence a cheat program that inputs to the server for your opponents dinosaur to only do its first and lowest attack.

I was playing a string of battles last night (everything normal) and in the middle I came up against an opponent to which I would select my attack. I would see it move up and display in the upper left corner the attack I was going to do. The count timed down and when the attack comes, it switches to the first small attack and executes that instead.

Battles just before and right after played out normal. My guess the reason for the pause waiting for my opponent to make their move is because they were taking the time to send a signal to the game server to have my dinosaurs use only the first small attack.

Has anyone else had this happen to you. What is this program?


Yeah have had it quite a bit since tourney started very rarely before I’m pretty sure it’s a hack because it only seems to come up when I’m about to win! Have found if you spam tapping the spot where your ability is before it goes off screen you can force the move thru