Many creatures listed at level 26 (but they actually aren’t at that level)

I discovered a weird, albeit temporary bug while playing JWA today. Many of the creatures in my collection were listed at level 26.

My guess is that some glitch occurred after I put together my skill tournament team, which made the Rare, Epic, and Legendary creatures qualified for the tournament appear to be at level 26 in my regular collection. The changed levels were not effective in battle (I tested in the campaign), but clicking on a creature in my collection would display the creature at level 26 with its level 26 stats (I forgot to take a screenshot of this, sadly).

In addition, the hybrid creatures in my not collected section appeared as if they were fusable. I tested this out by trying to fuse for Thylaconyx, but couldn’t do so (a “level too low” message appeared onscreen).

This bug went away after I restarted the game, and my creatures’ displayed levels reverted back to normal.

Below are some screenshots of this glitch.


This happened to me a few weeks ago. Even the creatures on my team were affected but luckily it’s just a visual bug.

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