Many events but... not enough time/attempts?


As we all could see, there was an event each day for a specific dinosaur, or to be more clear, a specific raptor (Blue, Charley, Delta, Echo). Those who had or have premium accounts, were the people that most likely caught all the needed DNA… about 15% or less of the players that are currently playing actually have any of them. I suggest you give more attempts for DNA extraction or at least give more DNA extracting time- or even both, but I know that’s just asking for too much. Now, if Ludia is trying to earn some cash, by “making” players pay a VIP account to help them big-time in events like this, unlike the normal players, I suggest they stop this. All the people I know that have downloaded this app were at first stunned, in love with this game. But after being encountered with situations like this, they just uninstall the app. In conclusion, it’s not smart Ludia. You’re now losing lots of players. May lose more than gain in some time. Now I hope I doesn’t come to this, because I personally love this game, but this just makes angry not only me, but almost the whole community as well. I really hope y’all take this in serious consideration. Good Night.


Tbh this isn’t a real issue with the game, and there are legit complaints. But they didn’t have to do Dinos of the day, you’re not really entitled to them. Blue was understandably more difficult needing 150 in 3 attempts but 100 in 3 for the others isn’t really a challenge for most. On top of all that they will likely offer a raptor pack for those who didn’t catch enough dna so calm down


I’m just saying, at this rate, it will turn out exactly as PoGo did. Our community obviously doesn’t want that. And the VIP benefits are barely useful. They’re losing more than winning.