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Map and Campaign suggestions

Honestly really loving the Halloween map update, it looks gorgeous! I really hope this trend continues for other major holidays too, however I feel theres a way to improve it even more:
I think Sanctuaries, along with the supply drops and Strike Towers, should get seasonal forms as well! Maybe for Halloween it could be a Haunted House or something, and when you enter its dark and theres pumpkins in the background I dont know.

Another suggestion is to make it so that Campaign battles you’ve already done are counted towards, AT LEAST, the daily missions. The replay feature is practically pointless right now, and it would make so many peoples lives easier if they don’t want to do arena either because their incubator space is full or they dont want to battle for like 5 minutes and dont wanna lose trophies. I can understand why you’d want to not count it for Alliance though.

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I’m glad to hear that you like the spooky theme, Alankylosaurus.

Thank you for the suggestions as well. :slight_smile:

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