Map boosting idea

I think in jwa should have map boosting team
So 1 creatures have 1+boost.
If creatures can hunt air creatures or it is air creatures be like bird or pterosaurs (accept ostrich) can make u go to airline mode ( sky above u ) (u can play this mode on plane or airplane mode in phone or laptop pc settings). creatures can hunt on water or can live in water can make u go to water mode. (Default mode is on land). (U can comment to make me know is this Idea good). And i think the most overpower creatures is spinosauridaes (battle when we use spinosauridaes is overpower rarity is looking perfect ) because in real life spinosauridaes hunt pterosaurs and fish crocodiles or alligator or gharial or fish So … It can unlock airplane mode and marine mode at the same time.
How to make this team
1.go to collections
2.choose map boosting team
3.choose creatures into the team
(Spinosauridaes are recommended it is best choice)

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I can understand Spinosaurs being able to unlock a marine mode, but airplane mode? When were they able to fly???


It hunt pterosaurs So it can unlock airplane mode and marine mode

I have never heard of spinosaurus hunting pterosaurs


Yes check it on discovery channel dinosaur . Spinosauridaes hunt fishes small creatures pterosaurs.

Merry Christmas bless COVID-19 have no existing in real life anymore

It isn’t proven that it did it’s just speculation. There is vertebrae of a pterosaur with a tooth of a close relative of spinosaurus embedded in them. But even if spinosaurus did hunt pterosaurs why would it be able to fly?


That still doesn’t make sense, how does eating a creature capable of flight give you the ability to fly? I’m not so sure dinosaurs went by the saying “You are what you eat.” Just because Spinosaurus could’ve eaten pterosaurs doesn’t mean it could fly.


I could see Spinosaurus hunting small pterosaurs… if I were in 2015. However, the new accurate Spinosaurus wouldn’t, probably at all. How in the world could this thing catch a pterosaur?

Even if it was capable of eating pterosaurs, that definitely doesn’t mean it could fly.


Calm down friends. It hunt pterosaurs mean it can hunt flying creatures.So… This is why it is open 2 mode. Very Sorry for Confusion

I know it can’t fly but anyways it hunt flying creatures. That’s why it can open 2 mode at d same time.Sorry for Confusion

I know it can’t fly but it hunt mean it can find the flying creatures So this is why and very sorry for Confusion

I am not give it ability to fly lol