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Map Changes & Consequences

Map changes that have dramatically affected the game, and how we hunt:

  1. 50-75% less event spawn dinosaurs to include the green boxes. You have to travel further and further to find them, and I have noticed more than before that some are empty without spawn. Could be unlucky, but after four hours that is my current observation.

  2. Daily, Day migration (Mon/Tue/Wed etc) are nowhere to be seen. I have seen ONE in four hours of hunting today.

  3. Dinosaur spawns are completely wiped out. In most ten block areas around Dallas downtown, there are maybe 2-3 spawns available at one point. All common zone dinosaurs.

  4. Few sanctuaries found on the maps. The good, is that the stop clustering our maps. The bad is if you have a lot of players in your town, they could end up hijacking your work.

  5. Possible zone movements. Seen suchos where they are not supposed to be etc.

All in all, it has become almost impossible to hunt. I know it is just the first day of the patch, but good golly miss Molly, this is bad. Daily, Day dinos that rotate and their hybrids will be almost impossible to make in the current map redistribution of dinos. I am beyond devastated by this change, and hope that the map reverts back prior to the major patch that is bound in 1-2 months. Already sent this feedback to the devs in hopes for some kind of response.

Have you seen other changes in your area? Do I even dare to ask how rural or suburban areas have been affected by this map update?


Im seeing alot of daily spawns(Anklyo G2) But others have noticed an increase in proximity spawns, I hardly get any proximity spawns now :frowning:

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Quality of spawns has increased.
That is highly offset by the diminished quantity of everything else.

It now sucks worse than Pokemon go.

Great job.

Almost gave away all my good Pokemon a few weeks ago, glad I didn’t.
Questioning the intelligence of uninstalling HPWU just the other day…

How it was before this update was not good. Give this new map distribution a week and see if it works better for you. It might not, I accept, but we cant assess this after less than 24 hours.

Where I am (SW UK) the number of drop points and spawns has increased drastically - on a short hours drive I got 6+ epics, 3 rare Dimetrodons, 4 Tenontos, 10+ Carno. Park creatures everywhere (sadly not the epics so far). Mostly proximity spawns so not always easy to launch in time.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but there is actually too much about.

Dude, dude! I found a Carbo! Outside a park!
My office is suddenly in the middle on a “park”, but the map is not green. Seen Tenonto, Pteranodon, Wuerho, a Carbo an all the commons.
Normal locals are pushed out though, only one draco g2 today.


I know, right? So many dinos! When driving it’s bzz bzz bzz bzz, Wuerho all over the place, it’s crazy. I think that if I drive around this area for a bit I’m gonna drown in Carbo. Oh yeah, Tarbo too. During day time.
I really hope this is gonna stay like this :stuck_out_tongue: But I have the feeling this isn’t intended.
When I check the map on Google I can see which areas are green, and those are always the parks. But when I zoom out a bit, you get more green areas. It’s almost as if those are parks now too.

Anyway, at home I’m in L3, and that is still pretty much the same. Some supply drops moved but on average a very small difference. Also not noticing a change in spawns.

I used to have 4 supply drops and a sanctuary at my house, now I only have 1 supply drop! How in the world does this change benefit me? This would force me to have to pay lots of money to level! This ruined the game for me :frowning:


Looks like the new collection meta is driving and playing, then.

I’m in!


I do think that we should get more creature spawns


Glad a few are having luck, none here at all, 5k walk around the lake in the mornings was a lot of fun now produced 6 dinos all up and mostly irri’s its complete rubbish, supply drops have dropped down and are in more huddles than spread out. I used to have heaps of dinos around home and at work but now 1 an hour if lucky. Can’t support the Alliance if this stays. Sanctuary now gone from near home. I hate this update, congrats Ludia. I guess Ludia are supporting driving and dino catching at the same time now, only way to get them …understood.

My whole town was a L2 and now its all a park! Not complaining, bring on the carbos. I can get the L2 creatures through scents

It seems consistent with L2… Maybe they accidentally turned all L2 into parks? I really hope this is permanent…

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My supply drops have increased dramatically maybe not as much as @PQC but a rather large increase including 4 stops i can hit from my house.
Up from 0.

What gets me is all the people that are like I only have x amount of supply drops now i can hit my house, “how am I supposed to play now” um you leave your house like how the game is intended. I played for over a year with 0 depots i could hit from my house. Closest was 500 feet away.

But my real question has got to be how could you play the game playing off just 4 depots… what a godawful experience that must have been. How do you build a team off of 4 depots in the same local.

Some of us live in rural areas, which is an issue. (Im using upstate ny as a basis)

  • it’s really wasteful gas-wise, because we need to drive everywhere (and please don’t suggest we play and drive)

  • people typically own larger patches of land, and we can’t just go trespassing willy nilly to dart dinos and hit drops

  • our parks are not completely walkable. most of it is forest that you should not be walking in, or could have wetlands mixed in, or could have a private golf course. there’s also dangerous animals such as bears and coyotes

  • WINTER! you ever been in the northeast of america during winter? we get snow days for work because it’s too dangerous to drive. you can literally be stuck on your property by anywhere from 2-4 feet of snow

Please consider those sorts of things before telling us not to complain. It can be extremely dangerous for us to play with the new map update.


I live in rural Pennsylvania…my closest park is state gamelands… i still managed to play all last winter with 0 depots i could spin from my house. Those 7-10 step towers are the worse though.

I was actually considering posting about walking out in the snow those 500 ft to dart a sino multiple times in the middle of the night.

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Sitting here at work during lunch, with nothing to do. Usually I have plenty available through JWA, but not today. I sit in the middle of a barren wasteland. I might just as well be playing PoGo, with the occasional creature appearing from thin air… if you are lucky.

Well, I could reinstall Harry Potter, I hear that’s better than it started.


This is the same as our area, we are not in a big town and I live on the outskirts but I didn’t mind because I could go out and spend some time and see a lot of dinosaurs and the supply drops where nicely spread out but a higher number of them so it made it worth my while, we went out last night and were not even able to finish our 100 shots, we had to come home and use scent capsules, and talking to our alliance they are pretty much the same, none of live in big towns and this change pretty much made it terrible for all of us.

Can’t wait to see what next week’s results are!!