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Map changes not a hit with me

I don’t know if this is part of the new dynamic map features, but my map circle just went from having 5 drops to having just 1. I hope this will change back quickly, I’m glad I did the special event and strike I had immediately…

Sadly it won’t. Happened for me with update 1.10. Then for a week got back my old drops and spawns, just to vanish again before thanksgiving. My neighbourhood look like this:

This is why I won’t accept that this is intended feature. Have only 2 spawns in reach and 2 or 3 more in whole area. Before had around 15 spawns in same area.

From time to time I see my drops and spawns return for few minutes. I’m sure that server data isn’t displayed properly.

Also experienced huge decrease of proximity spawns in park. While green drops are now 90% in parks.

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Well with 1.11 stops are supposed to change on a frequent basis now… and i can confirm i had stop move when the strike tower came up.

If this helps people like you with your current stop situations them im all for this change.

If this change was cause Ludia decided beyond the dodge meta we now needed stop rng. Not a fan.

Actually, vanished spawn points hit me much more. Now walking to park have only 2 spawns (5 minutes of walk). Many were proximity spawns, buy on a short walk I could get some useful dna. Once I got Proceratho on proximity spawn on my street.

I’m fine with changes, as soon as this means more spawns and drops, so that there isn’t that huge empty area.