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Map Clean-Up & Drone Auto-Pilot

Overloaded Map
I’m sure others encounter the issue of too much on the map at once. Here’s an example of something I see way too often:

Here we have a supply drop, strike event, creature to dart, sanctuary, and a raid all in the same spot. So trying to select a specific thing on the first try is rather difficult and therefore takes multiple attempts.

Point is, if there’s a way to try and space things out on the map, it would be great!

Drone Auto-Pilot
Driving while playing the game is obviously frowned upon. So, have a drone auto-pilot mode would be amazing for those players who do not have a buddy to drive them all over to collect supply drops.

I envision this working as something you’d manually turn on and when your putter circle hits a supply drop, you get the coins/cash/darts added to a collective bank that drops into your supply once you turn auto-pilot off.

I would think that the inner circle would be deactivated if auto-pilot is on since once a supply drop is touched by the putter circle, you’d already be collecting the minimum rewards. I believe that cutting out maximum rewards by “getting closer” would be the trade-off for using auto-pilot. I feel like there’s have to be a fall-back to using auto-pilot otherwise I would not see Ludia wanting to even consider implementing it. Another fallback could be that creatures do not spawn while auto-pilot is on. Just a thought.

I know folks are not to drive and play, but I can likely guarantee that there are those who still do. So maybe this would also help with playing the game safely.