Map delay fixed?!

Could it be?! Is the map delay that was introduced 2 updates ago fixed? or am I just wishfully imagining it?

When I was riding in a car, I swear that I was actually able to rotate the map around and click on things without a 30-60 second delay afterwards. It almost felt like the map from the old days.

Kudos to the developers if they were able to fix it! :+1:


The marshmallow andrewtops bug also seems to be fixed

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I noticed it had gotten better. Much of the lag and jumpy/jerky animation is due to trying to display everything popping in so fast. This is why they need map settings to turn on and off certain thing to help lessened this.


It does seem to have improved.

That said, the game gave me a pop-up warning yesterday that I was moving too fast and asking me to confirm I was a passenger. I was sitting at home on the sofa at the time! :see_no_evil:


Correction: seems better for neighborhood area speeds but for highway speeds it is still not useable.

I guess it’s an improvement but not there yet.

Please give us a filter for what we want to see on the map. @Ludia_Developers


still lags terribly for me


It’s still awful here. Let’s try this. @Ludia_Developers how about we pay you guys to fix the map and game lag? You’d probably make MORE money fixing the game instead of adding new shiny things to play with. :man_shrugging:


Good idea. I’m willing to chip in a couple of bucks @Ludia_Developers :heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag:

I’d chip in, too. Hey Ludia, why not start a crowdfunding campaign to hire a dev or two to fix up your game?


Lag is still bad for me :frowning: can still hardly tap on drops


Map is still lagging here too. iPhone 13 pro max.

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Oh good so it’s not just my old iPhone 7 but the top of the line.

It’s the game LUDIA not operator error.

Its improved but not gone. The lag made me miss some proximity spawn artops.

Map lag’s still there… only helps if you have a wi-fi hotspot in your car. For me it feels worse than it was even in 2.15 sometimes. Made me miss a crap ton of arctops yesterday

I think the smooth map only lasted a few hours for me… even at neighborhood speeds it’s back to not being useable again. :cry:. @Ludia_Developers

I guess it was nice getting a brief reminder of how things used to be. It was wild! I could actually click on something and have it respond right away or even rotate the map and look around. :hushed:

I know, crazy talk right?! :crazy_face: