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Map flooded with strikes

Looks like ludia is back at it with loading the map with multiples of the same strikes.
Its bad enough they give us they give is only 1 day to do 12 attempts at creatures everyone needs when we normally have 2 days for 6 attempts. But on top of that my map is nothing but strikes do I really need 5 epic strikes here (you can’t see the other one in the pic)?
Whats the point is offering 12 attempts if there’s nothing to shoot?

What I find the most ___________ is that I see a ton more worthless common strikes over epic strikes.

I don’t even have any Epic Strikes in range, and I’m not allowed to go outside because of the curfew. Thankfully the timings are changing tomorrow, so I’m going to have 2 and a half hours to go and get it early in the morning, as opposed to the half an hour I had last week (I missed that one).

I was going to start a thread about this! I have six drops around me. ALL of them are common strike events.

I can see two epic strikes, both in the far distance, way too far for me to travel in lockdown. Similarly, I don’t have a single green drop even with this extended range.

VIP seems like a total waste of money if it won’t even bag me the extra supply stops thanks to this worthless distribution they’ve got going. This could have been Ludia’s chance to show me what I was missing out on.

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Same for me here… what is Ludia doing… smh

Thankfully we were taken off lockdown last Friday. I drove around for a few hours and got eventually all attempts done. The strange thing was that once I got out my neighborhood the most of the usual spawning areas were there

For me, its either many duplicates of epic strikes, or many garbage common strikes. Sometimes its in the middle, like rare strikes, but theres always atleast 2/3 duplicates. Sometimes the good strike can be a couple meters away, almost as if Ludia is taunting me.