Map geolocation bug


Nowdays instead of being annoyed by the reminder of not playing while driving, my son and I have been struggling with the geolocation in the map! It jumps and sticks to places away from our real location… some say it’s my phone, but since the game got out we didn’t have that issue; map ran smoothly and very few times we experienced said glitch. However, since last couple of updates it is very frustrating that we can’t get supply boxes because of this issue!


Hey Gus_Pimo, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the location in the game. Our FAQ here has some information that could be helpful:
Reach out to our support team at with your support key if you’re still having any issues and they’ll be happy to help.


Thanks, Ned, but none of the issues listed in that link actually has something to do with the described problem.

Another user said that it may be my phone, but this morning I opened Google Maps on my usual driving route and the location on my phone was accurate at every time. I opened the game once I had to walk and my location kept flying and sticking to random places, even when my google maps location was still accurate… :disappointed:


I’m having similar issues. It seems to fix itself after awhile though. Weird


Well, from time to time it actually shows my real location and follows, but if I keep moving or as soon as I’m getting close to supply boxes, event towers and dinos, it starts jumping like crazy… :worried:


Hey Gus_Pimo, I’m not really sure what may be causing your GPS to be jumping around, sometimes if you’re in an area where the signal might not be that strong, it could be affecting your connection and GPS. However, if your game is linked to your Google Play or Facebook account, try reinstalling and see if that fixes the issue. Make sure to write down your support key as well before reinstalling just in case.